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Apply that was when they would let photographers at ringside for wwe shows or you did because publicity. And i just were from my you know like i grew up like i knew bill. Latin photographer Since i was ten years old he put me on the japanese wrestling. As you know it was like ten years old as a fan. Yeah wow that alcohol and then you grow up and then he sees like look at that little shit that i put in a magazine big star. Yeah yeah it was cool awesome. Yeah run into all the same people that remember me from being a kid. Yeah yeah yeah and it adds story to the whole thing and everybody knows i know. He's been he's been obsessed with this since he's liked. So somehow the Subject came up about like upset. Wins you know my you know once you get razor and so we were talking about upsets at like one happened when i was a kid and i was there for and I can't remember what happened. Dusty was supposed to have florida world title matches. What flair and flares. You know to her. Florida something happened. Fell dude dusty cut on the show so flair had a match on tv. with scott. mcghee. I don't know if you even know that. Is magee the different yeah. He was really good. Scott mcghee like the dynamite kid episode of the dark side of the rink dot. Mcgee talks a lot in there. I just heard the name but flair scott beat ric flair on tv with the german suplex. One two three. And i was in the front row and you watch it on. You can find it on youtube and you could see me jumping up and down. I've never been more excited my life. Oh my god yeah. I was so ecstatic. That scott me me. It worked man and i went and saw the shows. Yeah i went to the shows. Where where rick worked with scott mcghee around the loop you know and so yeah. I guess that's what it is because you've seen it happen once now. You know it can happen all that to say you see me standing in like you see me as a little kid at these on these. Tv shows like saturday nights. Main a met with you know Hulk hogan versus terry funk and opposite hard camera. There's me with a hulkamania shirt on under. Yeah you could see me in the crowd at all these shows you know. Do you think about that stuff like to this day. Like when the idea that like you're sitting there and your team mates with hogan you know flash forward ten fifteen years your teammates with hogan and even more like i wanted to talk about this before you even brought up flare but leg. I feel like when we talk about matches of yours. That i like like i feel like we talk about the i've talked to you about the breadth match. I went on your show progressing for life to talk about the eddie guerrero ladder man but i feel like one that doesn't get talked about enough is the i like to single the flair match. I you had from rhode why my only problem is where we did it. because it was burgess. Man if that would have been late. S- kogyo allstate arena or some shit like that man or philly. Yeah charlotte or i just like as watching it recently. And i just thought it was so cool like watching flare kind of adapt to your style and taking an insecurity and like a felt like and he let me run the match rail here. Yeah i was thinking so. Is it tough at that point for to be like. Hey and give you bronco buster point was it a just man he has he just yielded because like rick like one time. I lenses art. Because he's the greatest of all parking time but he just loved one time. I'm having a match with him at philly at the spectrum and it's just a house show in so he gets there like one of us got there late and i would just like..

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