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And there was a reason we did it in nineteen fifty sixty. Seventy this way because we didn't have the internet. We weren't televising press conferences within nobody cared about the access to these guys he had two or three people in the locker room max. And they just did it that way. And it's like one of the it's like the whole reserve by basketball book was about the basketball famous. Like, why did we do this way? Well, that's how we've always done it. And that's the answer at anytime. The answer is. Well, that's how we've always done it. You know, we're headed for just stupidity just sheer stupidity. Well, that's how we've that's how dick young did in nineteen sixty four. Well, that's the attic. What could be fifty four. Like, what if you said like, I wonder if it would work. Really, hey, you know, what we're not doing anymore? We're doing no more locker room stuff like the locker room is there room. Yeah. That team may the fuck out of the locker room. But does that mean, then the beat the b guy would be listening right now being like, well, if you do that when we're never going to get any time with these guys was that is that true? Like, can you not to shoot around and hang around or is the guy shooting around? He's like fuck off. But what are you getting in that time? That I fall basketball constantly. What are you getting like get something out of it though? I do think there are reporters that do a really good job of building these relationships. I'd have to still think there's some value to it like you're acting as if there's no value. Now that I'm out I'm we're talking about specifically the horde of people all around somebody. Would you getting out of that? You're getting the same coats everybody else's getting only there's eight to twenty people around somebody. What am I getting like, what am I getting from? I tweeted it but Friday night. Lisa Saulters that he is peon interviews. Russell westbrook. Right. After that game. He is talking all kinds of shit to Lillard that whole game is trending on Twitter. It's by far the most important story of the game. And she has some five questions and never says to him. What was going on with you and Lillard, which is the only thing I cared about. Then we talk about ten tonight. Stephanie ridi interviewed CJ McCollum nothing about. Hey, was it sweet. Like, they talked a lot of shit on Friday..

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