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Because you could assassinate hitler but if a lot of people are still not season wanna be they're gonna find someone else to run the party aren't they well let's hope that everything i just said 's a lot of high early and a lot of fake news and after all you know how would you know anyway unless i miss talking to you all about this kind of stuff but i felt like i was sending like a broken record or still putting out shows we're still doing content i'm still out there i haven't slowed down at all i need to a little bit but i'm not so appreciate your patience we always appreciate your support you know the best friends fans fans as we're best friends have there's thank you everybody for everything and i hope you understand my thinking on this to be nice to each other okay because otherwise you're playing right into the hands of the russians and we're think that if you're being addicted somebody online you might be undercutting your country there's like a world war two era poster in my head right now don't be a dick you're only helping the russians it's unpatriotic your treasonous see how we can turn that mccarthy isn't into something fascism in the pursuit of niceness for the preservation of our liberties and that doesn't sound orwellian i don't know what does you've just heard another addition of common sense with jen carlin.

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