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An absolute prodigy and i said of course would because he someone i dearly love is a friend. There's nothing i wouldn't do for him and the reason why he asked me to do this is that he and his wife had taken the sun about as far as they could go and they know what i do and they asked if i would do this and i said of course i would and in talking with the sun i mean. That's a huge responsibility. Being asked by a good friend to be the steward of their son that they're entrusting me to influence and giving input into the sculpting of their future. I mean that's an amazing privilege. There's pressure that goes with that too. I mean it doesn't bug me what to do but just to sort of say that you know. That's a kind of a highly charged relationship. Shall we say. But as i told the the fourteen year old i said you and i are going to be talking. Right now is if you're going to be playing in the super bowl next week as the quarterback because that's one of his ambitions and i said that conversation starts right now. We're not going to talk in a different way. And then all of a sudden change later to a higher level of sophistication is it. You're going to now experience. What that is like exactly as i talked to in olympia with aspirations of winning a gold medal. You and i are having that conversation like right now. Because i knew that if i spoke to him in that language he could adapt and absorb. Whatever i said. I just needed to prune the language back but the select what his reach was for what we were going to be doing for him to continue his evolutionary path towards his ambition in his evolution. Like as an athlete question ca us. A one of the common coaching principles is meet people. Where they're at a way. You just demonstrate. It was more about actually speak to them from the actualized version of himself and it's actually reached for that versus meat. Yeah that's correct like you know child. We don't talk baby talk to her baby. A we talk human talk to the baby so they're used to human talk. We're not discounting them. But we're only saying we're not going to discount. What's possible for them. So i do believe that there has to be An aspirational side to this. Because people can rise to the occasion..

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