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That's always good been as well as being able to walk back into johnny's toys so always a good option as well kurt reynolds we appreciate it so much The cfo from blair technologies coming on into talked was here best of luck. The found a season and into next year. Also going to be on these on these email machines as my husband likes to call awesome. Thank you for having me all right. Kurt thanks much at stake. What does we'll be right back here on the northern kentucky spotlight the northern kentucky chamber helps expand your network. It's what we do building your network means growing your business. We offer over one hundred and twenty-five networking professional development branston events each year your sickle of influences shirts that and you participate in events and serve on a committee of the chamber leadership northern kentucky exit issues and women's initiative confessionals expand their number. Learn more at ince. My chamber dot com expanding your network. It's what we do and welcome back to the northern kentucky spotlight. We're wrapping up Twenty twenty early as listen if we could have. I think we would have wrapped it up in like august or something. Maybe april but yeah we're saying by twenty twenty podcast style anyway. Because jeremy we will be off next week. Yup we will be back on january fourth on monday So next week it's going to be a little dark around the chamber. We're going to be a little quiet. We're here we'll still here. We're still here. If you need anything. Please feel free to email with all but Iran take a little bit of a break at least with the podcast and You know kind of re refreshed recharge and hit the ground running right when we get back on january fourth new year. New luck new events coming your way and so we appreciate you joining us each and every week here on the spotlight so if you wanna give us a just a easy peasy holiday gift identities share hit subscribe. Tell somebody you know like old fashioned call on people on the phone just tells. The body of the northern kentucky spotlight podcast. We greatly appreciate it. Merry christmas happy holidays to you jeremy. Happy holidays merry christmas. I hope you have a a great new year. I as do you. We'll talk about. Our favorite gifts may be coming up in the new year to you guys. Enjoy the rest of your week two and we will see you next. Time on the northern kentucky spotlight..

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