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You're an inspiration i'm just i'm in all of what you've built and like i said at the outset the legacy of this will live on it's it's quite extraordinary and it's really shaped it's really shaped how we think about food and nutrition and now we see all these other businesses following in suit and kind of understanding some of the principles that that decades ago you've been putting out there but you really have impact culture in a in a gigantic way in so i appreciate you for thank you so much richer hopefully we'll continue to do so thanks for your time on peace plants love masing either john mcenroe right unbelievable i really enjoy the conversation very much hope he goes due to deal right do yourself a favor pick up his new book the whole foods diet wherever you buy your books and hit me up on facebook twitter instagram and let me know what you thought of the conversation couple announcements for i let you go jewish brand new book is cheeses knots hits bookstores june thirteen but it's available for pre order now seventy five unbelievably delicious plantbased cheese recipes julie has really figure this stuff out so many people say to me i go i go plantbased but i just can't give up cheese while julie's parent like two years in the kitchen trying to crack this wide open and figure out a way to make delicious healthy non dairy cheeses and she succeeded this book is just next level the photography is insane the recipes are unbelievable and she really take you through how you can do this yourself at home it's are really amazing ebook i'm so proud of her.

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