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All the time off work that they need and just be with their little one who's dealing with you know a really tough issue in the hospital anyway they put together a raffle we are going to draw winning names today on the show those people will be winning super bowl fifty two took and watch yet is outstanding hey three o'clock channel five twin cities live steve paterson elizabeth race all right we've got to get to this episode of willing grace from last night this is actually one of my favorite moments i perhaps you at saw this scene well it's funny francs me angela vince is funny kosin right now i remember you you'd you all those snl this guy by the river the is has been fabulous fabulous mckenzie marsh she is all sorts of funny incidentally she is a former costar of mine we were on the main stage eta zuza pacific university back out in the los angeles area however she has gone on to all sorts of great things but in we're gonna hear four and a second but i want to set the stage with this i saw on her instagram this is why i wanted to talk to what she's done all sorts of fabulous tv shows but she said on instagram several months ago i got a call at midnight asking me to come guess star unwilling grace nine hours later it has the most magical projects i've been able to work on the entire crew casting producer traders hair makeup rob set design in everyone else in between was a dream to work with and that cast they are the most kind welcoming funny thoughtful encouraging actors ever since funny little role so i hope you enjoy watching my first episode was last night mckenzie how are you good how're you doing so well thank you for waking up i know it's bright early out there in the los angeles area especially did you did you have a viewing party last night whenever you appear in a fabulous tv showed you get together with friends and family we're now.

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