President Trump, Russia, Obama Miller discussed on Anderson Cooper 360


Recognizes would be problematic but look he he is often musing about firing any number of these people jeff sessions rod rosenstein muller you know the thing the investigation should we quote unquote shutdown is something that he has said on a near daily basis for for weeks if not months and most of his advisors have come to dismiss these instances as that's just how he talks sometimes it has gone further than that in the case that we wrote about from last summer it certainly did the case in december he was extremely angry and had to be talked off of it you know i it's easy to dismiss the idea that he might do any of these things except there was one time he did pull the trigger and that was james comey now that has not had great results for him clearly an and he might see that but it's why you can't just dismiss this as that's just him using morning with the president tweeted the russia should quote get ready because missiles will be coming which cost mentioned he also tweeted quote much of the bad blood with russia's caused by the fake incorrupt russia investigation headed up by all democrat loyalists or people that work for obama miller is most conflicted of all except rosenstein who signed fis and komi letter no collusion so they go crazy i mean just technically speaking these are not all democrats these are in fact i believe all republicans right i all if not most it's also you know it's it's not all fake the intelligence committee community believes that russia was behind efforts to influence the two thousand sixteen election in in in hopes of hurting hillary clinton and helping donald trump there are many other reasons why there's gonna put bad blood that are geopolitical in nature when the president says something like that you know i it is it is essentially the kind of thing that would only appeal to.

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