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Seems like a lot but for like a first class ticket that they charge like nine nine grand for. It's actually not a bad way to hop the pond. So do you agree that. Be A for its faults with high taxes and fees. They have pretty incredible. Ward availability may have such huge capacity especially on the New York to London. I tell people often if you want to try and redeem on route and you call you miles. The London New Yorker is once ago for what they do so many flights every single day with first class on every single flight said that can be a real win however the Rogers loads of different ways to you points and if you want to avoid paying high taxes is even if you're in an American resident is different ways you can get involved and and spend your vehicle so British Airways has their own loyalty program. But Sodas Aer lingus Sodas Iberia and you can transfer your BA adios to Aer lingus and to Iberia correct. What are the nuances there? So it's a really bazaar system muchly especially lingus which isn't actually part of one world. So that's really weird one but you can freely transfer your of yours between Iberia Aer Lingus and British Airways his program and I do that quite often especially when I want to get things into the Iberia Program because that's a way to save on taxes. Same with Al Ingersoll if you redeem your miles on lingers flights or and I bury the the tax is concerned from sort of hundreds and hundreds of dollars into fifty sixty dollars so that can be really good one thing to know that you have to have an Iberia Account Open for ninety days before allows easy to transfer points between various. If you have an Iberia account my top tip is got an open one now and have yourself sap ready take. I don't even know if I have. Oh I haven't Iberia One. Is it the same. Airline gets too hot chili not show anyway open open. And how when you when it goes goes to transfer you just can connect the different accounts. Have Yeah they have is cool combined. My obvious as long as you have the same name I think address on every account you can transfer. And it's an instant Sean Ed between the account so I remember back in the day was rest in Peace Air Berlin and Aer lingus flights if you WanNa go transatlantic those were the partners to redeem on Aer. Lingus used used to not be able to book online. So you had to call and wait on hold for forty five minutes or whatever and get surly be a rep in but you would avoid. I remember it was five dollars and sixty cents taxes. This isn't fees to go New York. Dublin Airlines has expanded quite a bit in the US and they have all lie flat seats now so Aer lingus business class. Would you say is better bird than be a club world. They're old product that is on most of their fleet. So I actually just flew the lingus. Eight hundred twenty one from Dublin to London. They've started flying short haul flights a day of the moment and it's really lovely product. Narrow body really comforts the same seat as jetblue mint. Yeah exactly the throne. Seats are amazing. Spacious comfortable and some really great redemption rates instead that flying those aircraft on a number of routes now they had delays in delivery from Mabuhay. And that's causing problems in rolling up the roots that they wanted to but they are coming more and more to North America in the midst of route networks. Actually pretty good. Great that you get pre-clear. US Customs Immigration in in Dublin or in Shannon where departing from so you arrive as domestic passenger in the US which is great for you not not so much for me. I'd much rather just arrived. US and go through global entry than having to make a stop on a plane and add an extra hour but she'll be coming from Ireland. Then it's then it's like if you're doing I lincoln off no option and so you have a good taxes alone and now the nice thing is on obvious dot com. You can search lingus award availability so you can book your flights on this. You transfer you point since the longest program and you can book or you can just use it to search touch availability. You'd still have to call if he wants and it's it's interesting so airlink has come up with the strategy to run those life lots to London. which is what like a thirty five minute flight and then also some other airports within Europe right so they run that plane in the morning to other European cities and then back to Dublin Shannon for the afternoon flights the US that's right I think scheduling wise? They have at this gap where they had nothing to do with the aircraft in that little turn around two three hours. They have the ability to send one to London back for example before the flights go out to the US us it also created opportunity for people to fly business class lifelock the whole way but also they never had a business class before they never had of European domestic business costs. And now they do you. You don't always get the lifelock seats. Obviously they do have a new business which I think they could ask base and that's blocks one of my big peeves. Leaves and travel. Is these fake fraudulent entry European business class which is coach seat. Same legroom is coach. Nick Rushing for people like me and Oh great a middle seat blocked out you know the pro business class. You'RE GONNA have to fly on that one flight a day in and it's Nice it's a nice way to do it or talking about airlink. I haven't been Ireland my motherland in several years. I've really got a get back all right. Let's get back to points and teaching our listeners. To get the most value did you know the g the site not me necessarily value my miles a little differently. So we value obvious at one point five cents a piece which is actually higher than United Delta and a miles and so many people think obvious are useless big taxes and fees but there's tremendous value in redeeming on partner. So let's talk about where. Where does the most value when you're looking at one world partners for BA okay? So a few ideas for the US audience and the first thing to say is we all got very scared recently announced they were going to be devaluing. were making more expensive pawn onwards but actually the new award shark came out well it. Tgi people ferreting away calling up BA. Finding out all the new mounts and turned out that the increases was only between ten twenty thirty eighty percent in some cases but the increases were not a hard hit but for us short domestic flights really great redemption. Nine thousand one way and five dollars sixty which is a really trading. Nice Way to get around. When flying Americans his apartment one will partner British Airways will say flying from the West Coast nine thousand? What is that from New York to no to Chicago? I deny right could because so the BA prices awards by segment bike distance. Right so in general. When you're redeeming obvious you WANNA go? Oh nonstop unless because each segment you add ads on an extra amount thus right the only time when that doesn't apply if you fly from a domestic UK airport connecting in London Ondon too long haul destination in which case they give you that domestic connection for free but apart from that you don't get that so you wanna be doing nonstop. It's a more efficient as much as in order to book an American Airlines. They have to have saver availability. In general right yeah that's right actually one little nuance there. Just though of sometime you come beat the system so one example Qatar is a partner airline of British Airways or one more airline. And if you fly from Doha to Stockholm you just within a distance band so you want distance band lower and it costs less obvious so to fly and stop in Stockholm and then get a connecting flight from stock to London actually is cheaper overall with obvious the county some nuances check place. You can break your journey but within the US you WANNA be aiming for directs and so the other Nice one is West Coast to Hawaii which you can spend in coach at least is thirteen thousand hours which I believe is cheaper than the miles you pay on unamerican yeah for sure poor on Delta interesting so one world has also Cathay Pacific but you know for us flyers when you start going ultra-long-haul on obvious due to the distance bands. You Know New New York to Hong Kong on Cathay is more expensive than what. Aa Charges in general But there there are no real taxes and fees on most of the other oneworld partners rights in British Airways. That really gets you. I guess surprised sometimes when I look at the taxes on certain redemptions and it's just almost nothing which is kind of crazy back there are there are other routes which will be a world tack on taxes and fees for a Transatlantic Iberia in American. If you fly into London you're in trouble which which is why for example. If you'RE GONNA fly Beria you should transfer your points into Iberia rather than usual ways obvious to buy the same flights because they wilpon extra charges even though Flying Beria you can send your point stripe area book the exact same flight and they'll charge. You weigh less tongues and it's something I would also argue. I mean so the club world seed. It hasn't changed in twenty years. They they have the new sweet but it's on a cleaning amount of aircraft. Most people are not going to fly the new suite for years to come so comparing old club world which eight across on some planes versus Beria has once you one lie flats air lingus does. American does on off light so realistically. It's kind of funny that they charge George huge taxes and fees on the crappiest product is crazy. And then when you look at other airlines you can spend your obvious on Qatar Cafe Pacific Gile you know. These are airlines. have it really amazing products and you can use the same amount of points and probably pay less tax. So it's worth bearing in mind. What these who the partners are and how you can fly something more exciting? We won't go into all the details. If you Google the point sky how to maximize be a adios how to use obvious with partners we break it down segment by segment how to get the cheapest flights now using obvious. There's more redemptions in just airlines. I know you can use it on Eurostar. Are there any other weird redemptions that you'd actually recommend people use news. I have not come across any redemptions. Give you anywhere near as good a values. You get one redeeming for flights so we tell people in the UK. Never use your obvious for anything.

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