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It is time to keep your reply with the key really to the wicket man is it it's game and at the very end almost at the very end before you actually see the wicket a man road some around lucas of elite character greets highway and roswell road character on the cliffs and his fast words on the game is over the game of the hunting the hunter and that is the crew were there because they film is full of clues rather like in a treasure hunt placed in plain sight you can see them but turnover was show quite what they mean well it could be cumulative mother time you get that who sort of i hope say i of course there's an unnerving qualities to film his that something you can write down or is that something that happened will i think when you point the camera i think that the screenwriter has to dig in uttar credit for that because he a marvellously funny play cole sloop amtra spend to film with other modes livvy and michael caine and i think that that was a crew to weather the human came from that was love him i mean the how of film up until the point that they meet on the cliffs before you see the wicket man is i think a successful attempt to level the origins into a sense of insecurity in the this nice unusually warm for scotland community that have gone back to living a very allen peer too existence which we leave the celtic will walls louis remade lawfully remade to be touched by the songs in some cases.

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