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Okay well i guess i moved from traders were folio manager than actually moved ahead of morgan securities and alan a not really drained got traders working for me and running it apartment and then eighty hanbo's so 87 i said i am going to go back to school so i am i'm tj took a findings a professorship and studying things are looking to trading on my on on the side but i thought mud old on the not nuts war now that moi's size and i'm trying to figure out answers us and then i go take a job with jp morgan our working with a group eventually came up with this metrics uh and now that i from that point on my career resolves management so instead of trading i work done trading nests i worked for big of will bags or eventually a quantitative hedge fund helping other people manage rescue our managing the risk of the organization right now this position on this raw what if you wanna call it as a risk manager i think there's probably some paypal especially maybe tried his who knew it at this point not really understand what that role in sorry can you just break it down frost and explain what does i risk manage it do on as i said iif isis luck if we look at a typical die what goes on and while it is easier to let's let's start back so we're we're first doing it in the early 90s and just invented it we were all front office which manages that means were sitting on the desk so he got you know twenty thirty traders unaddressed we got a couple desk heads we got the business unit had had a fixed income an equities whatever and it or cut a sitting there and and and probably only one of us in those days we are watching keeping an eye on the traders were talking about the trades with them were setting up a structure of limits you know he allowed to do why our proving or or not approving trades were spending a lot of time you're talking with a desk at about the overall risk of the best in the business unit add the overall with that with individual traders are doing but how it anna edwards up to an overall risk.

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