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Here city wherever you live. If they're all making sure you follow those are being careful with anything outdoors that can call the spark the main areas of concern include Amarillo Lubbock Midland Odessa in fort Stockton, kenley we's, NewsRadio to nitty KRLD Detroit area middle school now telling students to stay home if they're not vaccinated against measles. There is one confirmed case of the measles at derby middle school. In Detroit's upscale neighborhood of Birmingham. So school officials say for the safety and wellbeing of their students. Those who haven't been vaccinated against the highly contagious disease. We'll have to stay at home. The students are being excluded from class for three weeks from the date of exposure officials say they can't release how many students are being affected. Do federal privacy rules, Sandra McNeill for CBS news, Detroit. This portion of the news for worth brothers. Roughing the lawyer for a woman arrested at President Trump's mar-a-lago resort deny. She was spying for China. CBS paul. It has the update Eugene Dong entered the US on a tourist visa flying from Shanghai to Newark, New Jersey on March twenty eighth two days later, she was at mar-a-lago John apparently bluffed her way through two checkpoints and passed several secret service agents before a receptionist realized John didn't have a valid reason to be at the members only club when she was arrested John was carrying two Chinese passports one listing her age is thirty three she also had four cell phones and thumb drive full of malware, which investigators say immediately corrupted their test computer, John was staying at the colony hotel about two miles more mar-a-lago their investigators found a device to detect hidden cameras nine more USB drives five sim cards and more than eight thousand dollars cash most of it in hundred dollar bills. John wearing a blue prison jumpsuit and shackles said little during her. Her detention hearing last week, she told the judge she's an investment consultant in the US on business yesterday. Her public defender said John win tomorrow law go to attend a charity event, featuring the president sister, Elizabeth even produced a receipt for twenty thousand dollars. He says John wired to a middleman who promised her access on Monday. A judge will decide whether to release on bond, even if that happens freedom will likely be short-lived immigration officials have revoked for visa and would likely take her into custody immediately. News. Correspondent Paula Reid..

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