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That somebody said hurricane Michael is so bad even one of the ours in hurricane evacuated. That's funny. Yeah. Jeff is always doing theme. Kind of music years were into the Halloween season devil inside inside. What? Inside cake. Devil upside inside king, a devil, the devil deviled egg devil. I love deviled eggs, gross Deva. Lance is a great great. Great great. Uncle of mine Hatfield. Anyway, let's see it's eight twenty five on AM Tampa Bay. Got to get this in here to should have gotten to it a little bit earlier. But Hillary Clinton said Tuesday, there's a very significant difference between the allegations of sexual misconduct against her husband Bill Clinton and those against President Trump. This is CNN's Christiane Amanpour asking Clinton, what was different about the allegations against her husband compared to those against Trump and Justice Brad Kavanagh, and she said, there's significant difference. And that is the intense long-lasting partisan investigation that was conducted in the nineties. She said if the Republicans starting with President Trump on down one comparison, they should welcome such an investigation themselves, and you look back at Clinton, and this was ignored by the media, and the mainstream media, you've got Juanita broaddrick accused him. Of raping her. But that's the that's the big, you're right. They are different. They're very different. Your husband was accused of rape. Donald Trump was accused of an extra marital affair. Yeah. And and Matt cavenaugh are Brett Cavanaugh was accused of things that he did when he was a youngster, and and this guy was president of the United while he was secretary of state in in Arkansas for one of them. But the president the accusations against Kevin out weren't even rape. And some people are still going as far to call him a gang rapist. Yeah. No. That's ridiculous. Well, you had woman who came out and said that he was there when she was held down and raped and everything and they that has been totally blown out of the water, not even close. But anyway, you got Juanita broaddrick accused him of raping her in seventy eight while he was attorney general that's what it was not not secretary of state and Kathleen Willey, accused him of kissing your fondling her breasts enforcing your to touch. His crotch during a meeting in the Oval Office in Ninety-three Paula Jones, accused him of sexual harassment. Brought a lawsuit against them. He had to pay eight hundred and fifty thousand dollars and in twenty sixteen Leslie Milwaukee accused Bill of sexually assaulting her in nineteen eighty can you believe that your Hillary? You're better off just staying away from that top. Hey, the hell out of it. Man. She got to go away. Why was Bill going after all these women? Well, let's look good. He's married. I think the answer is is encased in a pantsuit. It's eight twenty eight.

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