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Six the nasdaq is up two hundred and ninety three eighty nine oh one yes me is up seventy nine to twenty nine forty two it has been a mess on the road several issues we're dealing with a seven forty three north bound an accident at block three left lanes north of the market and because of that you have been moving very slowly in a parking lot getting into the market now we are starting to see some movement as they deal with that situation by three left lanes blocked at highland so just north of the mark cat so it's been a slow crawl into that area and see if they can start moving that stretch dealing with that but so far it's been very slow meanwhile forty one forty five south bound highway Q. to the zoo there's been an accident there as well the right lane is blocked right around Berlei you're getting through that it won't cause much delay might slow down a bit but you should be okay you will get through to something really nightclub and one seventy five just north of the stadium interchange there right on well street two left lanes are blocked there because if I crash as well you are getting through that accident as well but just something again to be mindful of you're gonna see some brake lights as they deal with that stress of the conditions slowing things down considerably in this area ninety four eastbound highway sixteen all the way to the city that's okay that seventeen minutes and forty three south from grounded to downtown that accident just north of the market because you know problems heading south on I. forty threes to open it right into downtown keeping an eye on all this gets an update here in about fifteen minutes to get an idea of how the roads are looking at W. T. M. J. five day forecast now a lot of rain either it's raining specter today cloudy windy high is fifty tonight.

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