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Hey paul big fan. How's it going. I am doing great thank you. that's awesome. Hey i'm sure you can get. I'm about asking this question. But i wanna get your thoughts on their ability to be alabama able to pull it off. You know key. I taught last season going into the year. They had a shot. I didn't realize. And then i started to wonder about it because i didn't think all mrs defense could hold on but i don't think so. No i think. I think alabama will be a maybe a hair below. Where they they were few weeks ago. But you're going to have to convince me that. All mrs defense has improved enough now. Can you do that. I got a good recruiting class. So i'm hoping within the next three years the outset alabama and and matt crawls gotta stop throwing interceptions by. I mean we all. We always have hope in oxford. Well that's that's why almost fans are so great. I mean they Teams no good. It's not going to get in the way keaton. i hope i'm pretty confident lane. Kiffin is going to really make a huge difference in that program but Give him a little more time. I i think durken's a really good defensive coach though Stacey and tennessee is up next. Hey stacy go right ahead bomb again. It's a pleasure and honor to speak to you sir. Thank you hope. You're having a blessed day. We are so far so good. So i'd like to make a quick comment to all nason out there. You gave me some hope earlier in the week when you said that coach apple will run clean program. Do you think that's true. Absolutely i do. And you know the above above all the reasons he was hired. And you're putting a lot of faith in in danny white to know this because he worked with them for three years. It's the fact that he is an honest coach. And you're not concerned about the nwa because when you're about to go on under the under the knife for the aa. The last thing you need is to get a new coach in there in have any transgressions. Hey thank you very much for the call. We appreciate it. We have a lot to do on the program and phone calls pouring in and we hope they'll will keep doing that at eight five five two four two seven two eight five. Give us a ring guest remaining. We have a few in store and we hope you'll stick around long way to go on a friday afternoon. You're listening to the paul finebaum show podcast at once. That's was wait once last thing you want running with elite. Qb's resolute at the kennedy. Don t dis lacrosse overstep behind no need to watch the cloud. Because you're not with the finger. Push us bruce lee showing the crew on deck g do break and no one knows goes deeper the espn app download. Now we.

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