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Ninety nine on Fox and we threw out there to. Of course I'll listen to others. Did Tom Brady ruined the event or was it must see TV. Let's check in burning. Let's take some callers. Rob Sean in Fort Lauderdale. You're on the odd couple of Fox. Sports Radio what do you got? I Rob Yes. Hey Man I love your show first of all. I'm always with you on that. Tom Brady stuff. I'm always way the be sound like a toll on this one. Do I sat around yesterday saying I can't wait to hear Rob Parker tomorrow about Tom Brady because I know he's trash. Erase twenty million. He's sucks golf. What's that though? I said that I know you're killing I. I said that they were going to raise that money. No matter who played okay and I thought it was for good a quick house. Obviously everything was cool. He played terribly. That's all can you? At least give me that. He's golf mattered. Rob He could got made fun of them. Thank you sean. We appreciate todd. Salt Lake City. You're on the yacht couple of Fox sports radio. What's your take my take Brady wreck. Oh Dyke's Sean listen. Real simple. Twenty million is nothing. If you want to see I really really good golf game should dumped Brady brought Michael Jordan noodle made fifty million agitator. Would straight up. Ten million could beat him. Thank you that now that now. You're talking now. You want to raise money give it but now you WanNa get you WANNA get eyeballs. I'm telling you told me you imagine Michael Jordan's competitive juices on the fifth hole. Let's especially on the heels of the last dance. If it you love enjoyed up tiger I can put it closer to the pin in you. It would have been even bigger and better and more exciting. Yep He brought he wrecked it. You know the reason. He sucked so bad. He couldn't deflate the golf ball. Now you go. My man takes the call appreciate the call by the way in the second half of that game with regular size. Footballs threw three. Touchdown passes and twenty years and he got suspended for cheating. Don't valley don't record. They raised twenty million. Six Billion Mongol. Though talking about the Jordan Negga would have been better than Brady Brady has no personality and is golf game. He left his clubs in the bag. You got a man crush on him. You know at LE- low in California. You're on the couple of Fox sports radio. What are your thoughts without Fellas lovey show? You're wrong again like that one man Brady did all right. I'm not even Brady Fan. I'm from the bay area. I'm Joe Montana Guy so but Brady hell. Don't he says he's innocent? He doesn't even go yet. Pay Manning he's been retired for a couple of years. He golfs every day. Brady made his own talk on a man he did. He did okay. I didn't mind watching it me. Michael Jordan win a bit better in that spot. Now that Rao. I'll give you that one. Now you came up with Al does argument. We're not GONNA amount Jordan. We're talking about what happened yesterday. I know this. Let me program this stuff in the future. I could help out the Gulf in a charity. That would've raised fifty million dollars. And then we're not a big would have doubled the TV audience. Ted Turner you listening. Let's go good. I like thanks Nathan and Texas. You're on the odd couple Fox. Sports Radio Buddy Rav. I always agree with you. But you're being a little harsh today. I would like you to it. I would like you to realize that is working on the holiday in my little. Got My pennies in a bunch may like ward cleaver. You're heart on the beaver to a little tough. I mean he only died a few days ago at it had school but Call Ken Osmond. Nice call their mazing you sir. Yes Sir Raw I love your call in below as well but let's just put it slow. You can put it float and you can fill in the blank about what that would stand for. Could he did save the day with that shot. I if you if you say saved the day with the shot I'll just Nathan. You're my man appreciate thanks for Calling Porch Radio. You're down three two one. Let's go to Marty in Kentucky. Young are you kidding? I'm John Three keeping track here. Three people agreed with me agree with you. Let's go to Marnie and Kentucky Martier on the Cup of Fox sports radio. What are your thoughts on this but they are doing. Marty how you doing you knew Chris would be off didn't you I? I didn't. I just assumed Chris GonNa be off. I'm surprised when I think I'll think brady ruined it but maybe we caught a glance of Brady's composer without mental check. You Know Michigan Bright. He never really did anything I open and you are there. No no no no no Mardi. You weren't there I was there I was Ann Arbor Covering Brady. He did a lot but go ahead and they wanted to assume Tom Brady was their way below niche standards. Tom Way below already. Thanks a lot Martin. Marty you got any more on this on the golfed. We got my caller. Let's him lane. You're on the couple Fox sports radio what's your take on this craziness. They make all its goal. It was charity things raised. He's a football player. He did it for fun. I feel but I just wanted to say one thing. Rob I love you. But Memorial Day. It's not Veterans Day. So we're not appreciate and the people who are serving and did serve where appreciate the people who have lost their lives serving the country. Can't I want to make that distinction? Yes that's fair. That's WANNA be honorable. Yes all right. Thank you Zach. We keep it Movin Isaac in New York. You're on the odd couple of Fox. Sports radio do you got guys First thing I I gotta say that The big question is guy is is bill. Belichick the coach. I want them to the Super Bowl or is it the Tom Brady one quarterback I feel. It's Tom Brady. I believe the Tom Brady's GonNa go all the way. You'RE GONNA prove everybody wrong. I think he still has it. I I believe that Tom Brady is going to go all the way. And I believe that Rob Gronkowski is not GonNa do much rob Gronkowski's only there for support for Tom Brady. I believe that you're going gonna see someone else stepping it all next year. Watch and learn all right. Thanks for the call rob real quickly we got Jordan Bella Check Gronkowski in Ann Arbor. No that's right. Let's go from California. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. You're on the odd couple of Fox sports radio. You got the last word on this. Show Rob Bernie. What's up. Razzano me man? You got me back. Yeah what's happening? What's up man? I'm here with my wife. She hates you because I was listening to your show. They were thought maybe is. Hey Don't hate your husband. Because he loves the couple come on we need. We need him. One about favorites rob. I Hate Tom Brady. And he's a full tomfoolery. The clown are shocked. Gee with pants address like a janitor after time. Tv twelve is ball. My God do you go read? I mean to be disrespectful. You think safe got into GRANDPA's cough Syrup earlier today. I don't want to say that Tom Brady's old. But I hear that the practice facilities move into the Graveyard Sound Grad Rob is. He's so adorable. It was good all right. Our Guys Sekou Smith from NBA joins us to talk about the potential return of the NBA. But I be sure to catch live editions of the odd couple.

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