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Exactly three hours. Up With the wheels burn and boy. That's never once happened. Three or four am bill. Never happened never no never happens all I'm always. On a couple episodes I voted. Right at that very rarely happens to only. It was during the week I'm going to force myself back to sleep, but we came up with this guy went to. A half. The other night we'll up at eleven to watch the AFL at five thirty. Was a wildlife. That was ill advise. Lease in it. I'll tell you what it really has affected. This lead scheduled for the entire. Her, but but no. I very rarely wake up in the middle of the night for you. Speak Asleep I. Don't think I get hung over any more. Geez I read lately. That's a terrible thing to say tone. I don't. Until drink, because I drink. I drink the same amount. But if I sleep three hours? Does go bullshit if I sleep. Three hours hung over. If I sleep eight hours, not hung over, so you're saying you have figured out exactly the amount of booze that you need to drink so that every time you wait like you still get your drunk, but you're still waking up feeling good no I'm saying I could drink doesn't matter how much I drink. If I sleep for three hours and I had one beer I'm going to be hung over. By sleep eight hours and I have fucking thirty years I'm going to be fine in the morning. Okay I. You fuck hangovers a worst. They'll based on the sleep. Ozzy. I think it's all about the crap. You do the night before you drink a cup of water and can cause..

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