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Okay. Newscenter. Foggy and cold day today. Our forecast is coming up one person arrested in an officer involved shooting that put the Newcastle casino on lockdown overnight Chickasaw light horse police and the OSPAR investigating. Authorities say two officers were involved. Nobody was shot. But one of the officers was injured. Oklahoma US Senator Jim Inhofe likes President Trump had to say during last night's state of the union speech. We heard a positive unifying message from President Trump about the state of our union where he reminded us all why our nation in our American values of freedom and democracy are the envy of the rest of the world says Trump also showed the country is doing well under his leadership, including rebuilding the military growing the economy and confirming conservative judges, and in Hoff's words, we're going to keep that going Oklahoma. Congressman Tom Cole like what President Trump had to say in his state of the union speech last night too. He says the. The president is focused on solving. What Cole calls the pressing problems holding our nation back? He says the president rightly brought up the need to fix the country's immigration system and secure the border. He says he's pleased that the president renewed his commitment to American workers and called on congress to confront problems with the nation's infrastructure, a state house committee passes a Bill to further protect victims of statutory rape. As Beth Myers explains. It's called the defunding. Statutory rape cover up act, a Bill authored by house majority floor leader, John Eccles to ban certain healthcare providers who failed to report statutory rape of an underage patient from receiving Medicaid dollars. If statutory rape is occurred. They already have a criminal obligation to report that and if they were to not report that and they were to be convicted not just alleged, but convicted civil or criminal court. They could no longer be a Medicaid provider. The Bill was passed Tuesday by the house public safety committee would apply to providers of. Pregnancy related services. Some state lawmakers are pushing for mandatory five day school weeks. Kids deserve a five day school week Oklahomans deserve a five day school week. It's better for national reputation. But the bottom line is this better for our students. That's what Senate president pro tem. Greg. Treat told news for house minority leader, Emily virgin says schools need to be properly funded before lawmakers issue a mandate for five day school.

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