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Of field training was before he could he could finally roy ride solo as the la times writes that the shift marked the end of his ghost phase of training a two week stretch when his training officer wore civilian clothes mostly observing to make sure that casillas was ready man unbelievable and he was young too i think he was thirty two years old and so there's going to be a you know unfortunately in another funeral in town i saw sheriff jim mcdonald down there in pomona as well i think they're handling part of the investigation by it you're gonna see you know another police officer laid to rest and thousands of police officers gathered from around the country and and from around north america you see these sometimes you see hi cops from from tijuana mexico city and cops from montreal or or vancouver toronto some of the the the colorado cops candidate canadian cops come down as well as well from biz i cops in colorado by it is i you know when we were talking about this i think it was last week that as a child of a police officer when they hear on kfi or watching local news and they say a police officer's been been wounded perhaps mortally wounded if your mom or dad's not a cop you look at it and you sort of you know you wanna know little more about it but you you don't it doesn't consume your life but when your son or daughter a police officer you stop everything that you're doing and you look at the tv and you make calls and you wanna know especially if your mom or dad worked for pomona police department and you knew that one of the cops was shot and your mom or dad is working that night everything stops in your life and you try to find out more information that's what these kids go through i mean they are the real they are the victims that nobody ever really talks about you know they talk about the officer that got killed and they talk about you know the family but man those young kids who will never see their dad again and their dad's life a stops end so abruptly and for a horrible reason for for just nothing absolutely nothing the guy was going to get caught anyway and.

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