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Just go to voice in canada dot ca slash community. His question is basically this. How do you listen to podcasts. On lexi and there's a couple of options for this and again i want to give a shadow to pete. Pitas always helping out so generous with his time. He helped out by Putting a link to an article about how you can use spotify. And i'll get into that in a little bit more detail. Eleanor also says you can use any pod which is a lexi skill. Which of course is another way that you can do it so let me just touch on that a little bit for each of those. Any pod is a skill and you can open any pod and then use any pod to ask for particular podcast. This is the way that i was recommending to do it. But now podcasts are hasn't for a while. They've been natively built into spotify and to apple podcasts. And so if you're looking for a podcast that is on one of those platforms on spotify or an apple. Podcast you can literally just ask for it so for example if you want to listen to the voice canada podcast. You can simply say lexi. Play the voice in canada. Podcast on spotify. And then you can do that and we'll start playing so that is probably the easiest way to do it. Although like i said you can also use that. Any pod skill. So there you go. I hope that is helpful for you and you and thank you very much for the question that this is a very common question and thank you for helping everybody out with the question Again have a wonderful rest of your day. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and remember northern voice. Don't be afraid to speak up.

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