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As a little side show for what's going on with apple and Willie. All right. Keep tracking their shares for us. Apple senior marketing executive Phil Schiller onstage right now walking through the very very detailed aspects of the hardware on the inside of these new phones, a faster camera faster processor. We can hear the hundreds of of apple fans inside applauding. And yet. We also have the skeptics are Bloomberg technology. Mark Gherman is blogging on the Bloomberg t live blog that this apple announcement is a is a lot like last chairs. However, we do have something new and that is the iphone ten s now in a bigger model, which you couldn't get when the iphone ten was unveiled, Matt we're still waiting on the prices. But the big story around the iphone ten was that it was nine hundred ninety nine dollars almost thousand dollar phone. We can only expect these phones are going to be more expensive. Obviously apple needs these higher prices to push up that revenue as the smartphone market starts to plateau. But that. Is a lot of money. Matt for people to shell out will the big phone be attractive enough at that price point. You know, it's funny because if you wind the clock back year people were freaking out at the price of the iphone ten and a year later Samsung. Hallway, most of the major smartphone players now have phones that ultra premium tier closing in on a thousand and even exceeding it in some cases. And so, you know phones at that price is clearly demand for it. There's clearly a segment of the market that wants these premium devices, but these fully specked out, you know, hardware that what it really comes down to is is how does it become affordable? And you've seen the advent of financing plans as well. As actually leasing plans, we just rent the phone with some carriers that full disclosure. That's what I do with T mobile. So it actually brings the cost down a little bit. And makes it much more affordable than than the sticker price. Upfront. Carolina Milanesi of creative strategies tweeting, even if the screen on the iphone ten last.

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