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Mendelssohn's wedding march was presented for the first time as the daughter of Queen Victoria married, married the crown Prince of Prussia, 1956. The record 24 hour rainfall in the United States was 38 inches. The day lose happened on Yesterday. And today in 1956 at Kolia Kill away a plantation on the island of Kawai in Hawaii, 1964. Oh, I wanna Beatles reached the number one spot on the music charts. As their hit single. I Wanna hold your hand, grab the top spot on the cash box magazine as well as the number one. It was the first number one hit for the Beatles billboard list of the song is Number one On February 1st the group's second number one hit song She loves You. Was also released today. Some Super Bowls that happened on this day It was Super Bowl 15 in New Orleans. The Oakland Raiders beat the Philadelphia Eagles 27 to 10. It was the second Super Bowl win for the Raiders. They also one Super Bowl 11. They actually the Quarterback Jim Plunkett was the M V P tickets cost 40 bucks This year's You Get one single ticket for about 18 Grand 1987 Super Bowl 21 in Pasadena, New York Giants beat the Denver Broncos 39 to 20. It was the third Super Bowl loss for the Denver Broncos, M v. P. Giants quarterback Phil Simms. He completed 22 of 25 passes for 268 yards. And three touchdowns. Tickets. 75 yards are $75 sorry. The game featured TV commercials that cost $550,000 for 30 seconds of NBC's most prime time in the 1998 Super Bowl 32 at San Diego, Denver Broncos beat the Green Bay Packers 31 to 24. The dream finally came true. John Elway in the Broncos. They broke their four game Super Bowl losing ST Tickets. $275 Birthdays..

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