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Okay it's time to talk about life hats. Do you have a life hack for the listeners. You don't think maybe goes back to what i said before my like half my my life hack is almost the opposite of a life hack and it's really learned to take the time to do things i think we're always in a rush to get something done always in a rush to finish next project and you know i found that sometimes when you partner with time like you just leave behind for a little bit of time. The answer comes in it comes better than you could have done it if you had rushed through. Yes that is such a good point. I've definitely noticed that in my own life that we just my my parents just built their house and some of the delays were the biggest gifts in disguise. Yeah up with something. They absolutely loved which they wouldn't have had time to dream up. Had there not been a delay that is so good. I think the my life hack is learned to become times friend universities racing against time but like sometimes it really just takes time to do it only time can do you know yes tincture of time. That's actually a phrase in medicine in medicine and patients hate it but some all what we need right here right now is to the tincture of time. Love that and you know what. I am a rush rush. Go go to do ten things at a time type of person and it really creates a lot of anxiety and and if i remember to breathe deeply an act if i actually i'll actually physically slow my body language down and like if i'm folding the laundry all think just think about folding the laundry and has home quiet. Slow body language. It's amazing how that can just bring your anxiety down and bring your focus in. And this is something i learned in my forties but man if i could have learned it in. My twenties have really been helpful. No absolutely i've just i've learned. I think it's you know there's a saying youth is wasted on the young. Yes i agree. It takes time to learn. The time is your friend. It truly takes learn until you're more out of time. I love it. What have you been loving lately that you think the listeners would love to. I think i've really been doing tiktok. I think you know my sister has been on it so we all kinda went down the rabbit hole of watching talks but i find dishes such a great schumer platform and something that just started for all of us after the pandemic. I think it's you know. Tell people to get on there for good laughs and Just be aware of the tiktok rabbit hole just to read it for yourself. Because he'll need it. Yeah you guys. If you happen to not have heard the episode where. I talked to shallow sister sheena. It is incredible. I will link to it in the show notes tell me about the hashtag boxes over baskets so boxes over baskets a campaign that were running for the spread the joy foundation super excited and the idea behind it is for corporations instead of giving corporate gifts out then can try giving a joint box. The hospital child instead took instead of giving you a basket to this company that can be we send a certificate saying hey. You've donated a box to a child in the hospital during ed and i don't know if you're aware of this but many children during covid are required to go to the hospital without even the parents present like i just can't breaks my management like checking your ospital leaving. Oh no. I absolutely love this idea. Because i hate the idea of spinning a bunch of money on a bunch of stuff. I love this because this is tangible. It's so wholesome and helpful and really eye opening. And i just love it for so many reasons. Okay tell us exactly how we can participate in boxes over baskets. Oh that's so sweet. Joann thank you so much. For your enthusiasm to participate in boxes or baskets you can reach out to me directly and my email is shawnee at spread the joy dot org and i think joanne can put it in the show notes as well. Yup it's very simple. You just reach out to us and let us know how many boxes you're would like to donate this year. Two children on the behalf of your corporation and behalf of your corporate clients and we will do is we will make certificates and mail them out your email them to you. Whatever you prefer which says that you know in your honor. So many boxes have been delivered to so-and-so hospital jennifer children during cove. Ed you know the reason we really liked the campaign also is because it's very sensitive at a time like this right so many people have lost their jobs and corporations that did well drink. Ovid feel so. I want to be sensitive in their kid back. It's a really nice guy. New conscious of what's happening around us to show empathy love and joy for these children that aren't doing as well and to celebrate with them in a small way. I think it is so so good. I'm so excited about that. I love it. I think you tell my listeners. All of the places where they can find you so supremes find me. If you're looking for my company is called open. The joy dot com opie e. n. t. h. e. j. o. y. Dot com if. You're looking to volunteer for the foundation or to get involved in any way or if you're interested in the boxes over baskets campaign check us out at spread the joy dot org s. p. r. e. a. d. t. h. e. j. o. Y. dot org. So that's probably the best way to reach out and find out about our companies if you want to reach me directly just email me by email. Xolani s. h. a. l. i. n. i. at spread the joy dot org awesome. Okay so this is actually really timely for people who are looking for unique christmas gifts. Yeah absolutely oh my gosh shelley. You are so much fun. You've one of the rare guests who actually made my nose run. Because that's what happens. When i laugh really hard. I have my cleaning your in the leon maybe four people now and your number eight hundred eighty five. On my linked in profile manage jarrett's north rhine truly fancy free. I bet oh my gosh. Thank you so so much for being with me today thank you..

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