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Ask during the impeachment proceedings for a vote on whether Mulvaney should test to find whether Bolton she testified with the case he should testify when the Griffin should testify and many of my Republican colleagues will be in a real dilemma because their constituents will want them to do that they will have no good reason not to and they can well be held accountable for doing that how he's gotten into the minds of Republicans you know there yes it you went what they'll want well it is in part of the strategy is we're gonna remind them over and over in ads that they did not vote to remove president trump this is Mitch in north Austin with mark and Melinda ten forty eight Hey Mitch good morning the morning guys are you all doing fine thank you to listen one thing is very frustrating for me because I I listen to all the news not do a lot of my own research I don't want to just take anybody's word for anything and there's been a lack of clear concise articulation on the real facts of this case do you mind if I take a quick stab at it well I if they have been articulated if you do a little work and and spend time looking for what's the the primary thing you want to emphasize that to make your points that I wanted to make was that one when trump made that call it was about a previous member of the executive branch treated ministration that he believes was corrupted in battle in the investigation we have an agreement with you cried gives him every ride bareback but obligation after such an investigation it may not be tasteful it may not come across well but it's a hundred percent legal and here let people articulate that he had every right to make that request and then the second point I want to wake up a lot of research on this and both of the charges of abuse of power destruction Congress neither of them had any basis because of being based on the constitution is my back if it were moved to this report I have no doubt they would find those to chart is unconstitutional they're not what you have that that's part of the argument to take cruises making today they don't specify he committed bribery on this date that date and that's why Cruz said look they're just going with the vague notion of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress and they didn't even go with obstruction of justice write a letter yeah yeah so here's a last question for you to think about I couldn't get an answer to this when I researched it this the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is in charge of the trial would he have the authority to actually dismiss it because of the lack of constitutionality no he's not going to do that but could he is I guess what I'm really curious about I don't know I don't think so when when I read the constitution I think it requires a vote by the senators they they have to buy okay yeah all right Mitch thank you have a good day but Robert look at me I have no idea well Roberts is not about to say I'm gonna dismiss all of this before anybody votes well I don't know how you could do that when the house has voted and send it over to the Senate to have a resolution on it which is whether or not to remove him or not I don't know how you go okay yeah we're just going to leave him impeached and listen it's not gonna say anything about it yeah this it's clear the constitution mandates a trial in the Senate in it mandates that he be removed if two thirds or more vote to remove the president two thirds it's set up very very high bar all right five one two eight three six zero five ninety can call you can text is here locally we also have a story by K. X. A. N. that the Texas chili parlors now being sued by parents whose daughter was drinking at the Texas chili parlor got on her bicycle and was killed by a car and they're now blaming the Texas chili parlors saying their daughter would be alive if they had stopped serving her alcohol that night when she was in the Texas chili parlors and there's a lot of the story left out but you know what I'm gonna say personal responsibility on their daughter so sorry she lost her life in that you're having to deal with that but your daughter chose to go to that buyer chose to take a drink after drink after drink whether she was paying for it or was offered to her for someone else your daughter then chose to get on the bicycle and pedal home are those are all personal decisions we all have personal responsibility for ourselves end of story but this story should have investigated a little bit more what was why was why was Iraq what caused the wreck was at her on the bicycle or was it the driver of the vehicle I think I would need to know that there's so many questions on answered other there's no way that I can even for a moment ago yeah they they're on to something here I agree with your key points Melinda although I I do know when you know there is a law here in Texas is says these bars are supposed to stop serving people if they think they've had too much but it all starts with that personal responsibility she made the decision to go in there and have those drinks and then leave let's go to al for a comic quick comment please al good morning welcome good morning but the last caller to judge just broke preside over the case over the the the the trend proceeding out but also is speaking that same topic the Senate doesn't all they do is try to gauge the even says specifically try the case they don't make the case that's not their job to call witnesses there simply just jurors all they do they don't there's no way there's there should be no witnesses called if the house had a strong case the nature waited to call them for the witnesses called call witnesses and agree to what it is because they were they were waiting on the clock and calendar just like what the representative said Georgia there that's the problem and they do have enough time to do it they want to go to the court process of getting those subpoenas put through so it's dedicated to the Senate to act to do something that they're not they're not supposed to be doing which is trying to add more witnesses and keep prosecuting thank you have a good one there were no witnesses in the Clinton Senate trial but the Senate is given wide latitude on the meaning of try the case it really is up to the Senate to set the rules and do what they do so I'm curious they keep saying to call these witnesses ones that they had called and subpoena that are tied up in the courts the Senate can by pass whatever the the court ruling is going to be in demand that they be there the Senate is higher than the court when it comes to that kind of thing well they they can call then and I suppose somebody could still refuse and say let's continue battling in the courts even the the Chief Justice on the spot might make the ruling okay that Bolton has to come in here he he needs to testify I'm ordering Bolton to testify could could come down on that yes I just curious because they keep demanding that these witnesses of the same ones that they wanted to hear from the men tied up in the core I was just wondering how they were all magically gonna be able to make them do that in the Senate yeah here's one more from Schumer on his strategy he was on MSNBC this morning if we were today to say that we're Republicans come out and vote with us even though we haven't even though most of us have been said finally how we're voting we're waiting to see the evidence to get rid of president trump we wouldn't get anywhere but asking for witnesses something so reasonable and supported by sixty four percent.

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