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You know what I mean? So it's like, we never expected that to happen, and now it's happening. So there's no evidence to say otherwise. Do we want to see that? Yes, even guys like me who have them on a pound for pound list because of what he can do and what I see. I'm going to get tired and say, all right, now this is it. You're going to have to slowly slide down off that list if you're not fighting somebody worthy of a challenge by somebody where you're grateful. Yeah, so this year, because of some of the things that have happened the last few months, the in-house potential challenges for javonte have dwindled, right? Like if Chris Colbert had fought roger Gutierrez and beaten Gutierrez, I would have 100% pegged, Chris Colbert as someone that would have been a candidate to face javonte Davis at a 145 pounds. Good point if Gary Russell junior had beaten Mark Mexico and if Russell had not been injured and if he had been serious for the first time, ever in fighting more than once per year, that would have been a marketable fight for javonte Davis. But in-house in the PBC universe, as I look around, there's nothing there. Like, not almost nothing. There's like really nothing. That's marketable. You know, you're not going to do what Isa cruise rematch. Like you're not going to do any of that. Oh, but you know what? I was thinking about that. Today, I was like, why not do a esop cool rematch? It wasn't that great. It was a controversial, but it wasn't a great fight. But if you think that you're somebody that could have stopped them, if you didn't hurt your hand and a tenth round, maybe that's something you might want to see. Yeah, I would say this though. I don't know how many what the official number of pay per view buys was. I don't believe what I read in the Internet, just like I don't believe what people say from a promoter's perspective, but it did not do well. There's no question about that. Otherwise, there would have been victory laps being taken about the numbers javonte Davis did. So given that, I don't see this ground swell of support to see that rematch. The only name guys, the only name that makes any sense is Ryan García. And we know they've had at least preliminary discussions about a deal like this before. I know zone believes that their entry into pay per view gives them the kind of framework to do a co promotional pay per view with showtime or Fox, whoever it is that works with at that given time. So I feel like Ryan's side if he gets through a manual tago on April 9th. And golden boy and the zone are going to try to make that deal. I just don't know if I believe that it's going to be willing to do it to see the kind of money they'd have to cede from a showtime perspective and money that Ryan García is going to have to be paid. I just don't know that they're going to be willing to do it. So I'm with Barack on this one. I don't have any confidence that this is the year that we get javonte in that signature fight. Well, that's what I'll give up on this devonta Davis train. I'll hop off of it. If in 2022, it doesn't happen with a big name, then I'll waive the white flag. Oh wait, just to be clarify, Barack, where is javonte on your pod for Bond list? Oh man, I haven't looked at it. I haven't revamped it since these late losses and wins recently, but he's around ten or number 9. Okay. That's absurd, but he's at my number ten. Oh, please. You guys talking about? 9 or probably have Tyson Fury on your own. I do have Tyson Fury on my list. Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder. Before that Vladimir Klitschko. Let's go. 7 years ago. So what? You two sit there and bring up Jose pedraza from 7 years ago as a quality win. And you say that's a you say that's a good win. You said that's a good one. Okay, I'm saying it's a good one like let's go is so if you can use coach coach, let's go, let's go better than pedraza. Better than Vladimir Putin. Because you discredit because you've discredited Leo Santa Cruz. That doesn't mean he isn't who he is. He is a four division champ, so it doesn't matter. Like, oh, let's just say technically three division chair. He is who he is no matter what beat Carl Frampton beat a lot of guys. 'cause you know what a good win. That's not way out of law. I don't discredit Liam. And beat him barrios, Mario bodies. Regardless of who you think you are, it keeps Mario barros last seen getting his nose twisted in half by Keith thermal. Come on. This guy, but Mario barrios also Mario barrios also Mario bars also lost the fight before that Beck, what's his name? I'm blanking. No, no, we got you on that. You're right. But guess what? He wasn't stopped by anybody except Davis. Davis is special and we can see that. I can't see that. Would anybody else would any other? Would any other one 35 pound move up and beat barium? Yes, all of them. Every one of them. Come on. You think Devin Haiti doesn't beat Mario barrios? All right, who are you picking up? They're not going to go up and fight him. That's too much of a risk. You guys know this. You're around Devon a lot. The only reason Devin stays at one 35 is to figure out a way to get his hand on that big fight in that division because he kills himself every time to make that weight. In the next 6 to 8 months, he's gone. If he fights Cambodia, in a private fight of twice, but once that's over with, he has gone to one 40. There's no doubt about that. He's in teofimo territory and trying to shrink himself down. Yeah, but see, he's bigger than javonte Davis. Devonta Davis is a very small guy. He's a 130 pound guy. And he went the right way. He's not really a one 35 pound. He's not really a one 35 pound. Chris, what is it? If they do make one 30 if they do make the grind Garcia fight, you know, javonte Davis and they forgot a way how to co promote this pay per view. Who wins that fight? Great fight. Great fight. Both these guys, I think. I think, you know, I don't know. I don't know. I lean, so I lean towards Ryan only because Ryan, I think he's has proven. Like we talked about javonte struggling to fight a smaller fighter Esau Cruz. There might be nobody better at fighting smaller fighters than Ryan García. Like Ryan is kind of mastered how to hit these guys because he's always taller than them. And that left hook from hell that he throws with the kind of speed that we don't see from anyone outside of Canelo. I think eventually he'd land that on javonte in the same way that he landed a big shot on Luke Campbell. So I'm not discounting javonte. I think he's, he can definitely win that fight because Ryan, I think, can be a little bit shinny too, not great with the footwork, a lot of reasons. But it's a great fight. It's a hell of a fight. And yes, I think that Ryan does have a good shot because of javonte southpaw stance to land that checklist hook. And I think he's a dangerous fighter. You know, Ryan has speed and power. So does javonte. That's what makes this an explosive fight. And one of the biggest fights in all of boxing, regardless who has titles, we both know that. Yeah, but I just disagree. I just don't think that javonte Davis struggled with esat Cruz. I think he talking to the leaders. He heard his hand and it turned round. And yes, he lost tenth and 11th round, but 12th round he outboxed him at one hand, did not throw that out. It's very smaller than javonte. So two different fights. Well, also the hand injury, I haven't heard of any surgery. I haven't heard of any you know, you know, you don't have to break your hand, you don't have to knee surgery. I'm not telling you anything you don't know, but lots of guys hurt their hands in the middle of fights. Yeah, but when it's that bad and you don't throw it, he did not throw it in 11th and 12th round. A lot of a lot of that is because he saw Cruz in his chest the entire time. Like in made it uncomfortable for him. That was a close fight. Like, whether you thought he won or not. That was a close fight. So. Wait, wait, wait, people really thought that Isa Cruz beach avante David sent me? I had it as a draw. Well,.

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