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Again, I'm restricted by not wanting to ruin it for people, but the details of the transfer, the way the transfer even came about. Absolutely stunning. I can't recommend it highly enough, and I'm not even finished it yet. Who do you think fans more associate him with? Barcelona or Real Madrid. Great question. I still think baris Laura. Okay, because his appearance is pretty much the same. It's like a dead split, essentially, for the amount of time he spent at both places. Yeah, is it? Yeah. Wow. And he would have been on that team that won in 2002. Wow, that is. Yeah, when you put it that way, I mean, I can still see him like maybe the lasting image is of him and white. Yeah, maybe you're right. Very interesting. But it's just it's so. It's so at the time it was so utterly incongruous the word, the thought of him being at Real Madrid. After all he'd done a Barcelona. And so in or around that time in the preceding years, Irish, the Irish language TV, it was called a teenage television talk at the time. They had the rights for Spanish football. And so we used to get all the Spanish football the highlights, narrated into Irish, which was great. We didn't really even understand Irish, let alone Spanish. But a lot of how you say. Oh, so much how you say. But it was kind of, he was like this introduction. We knew all those players. Well, you got that. I'm in. You got me. Here was the team for the final, sorry. Okay. For the two one win over leveraging the final. At Hampden Park. So it was, I mean, household names. Salgado hero, Hera, Roberto Carlos, makelele, sitting in defense of midfield, figo on the right, salary on the left, Zidane on the middle, raul and orientis. What? Jeez. Good lord. Jesus. But that would be an interesting thing if we went back and ranked the greatest Champions League winning teams of all time. This one's gotta be up there. That one, I mean, I've got to think the messy Neymar Suarez Barcelona team would be high up there. This could be a fun summer activity. Because right, we won't have really a World Cup next time. Well, yeah, we'll look at the calendar. Maybe that could be a fun thing. Maybe me and you could just go for beers and talk about it like Friends. That's true too. We certainly could. And then you could skip out on the bill and leave me with multiple beers to handle on my own. Unbelievable the narrative that's forming. But you're creating. Yet again. Against me. A couple things before we get out, JJ, youngman's son, what a performance came on as a sub. So they did the thing that I kind of said it was time to do. Because he was becoming the odd man out for Tottenham, Kane was playing well, Richardson was playing well, and cool assess key have been taken out of the starting 11, but hadn't really done anything to warrant that. They just wanted to give sun every chance to get right. Finally, they this was the moment they couldn't take it anymore. Sun gets sat for the Leicester City match comes on as a sub and has like a 14 minute hat trick of just unbelievable goals. Now you texted me afterwards and said that he shushed the fans. And I saw it too and I was thinking that I was thinking the same. Is that what he did there? I don't know that he did. Was it the fans or was it just a message to like because here's what he said afterwards? He himself, he admitted that he has not been playing well. He said, the way I play, I can do much better than I have been. I have been disappointed. The team has been doing really, really good, but I was disappointed with my performance. Then he said he went further. He said, I'm getting emotional, to be honest. There's been amazing support, and I've always felt like I've disappointed my teammates and fans with my performances. They have always been supporting me. So I don't know. I know that there's been calls in the media that say what's going on here. They got to sit him. I don't know. I mean, he's so beloved by that fan base. I'm not sure if he shushed them. I don't know, is this important? Maybe that was it. Maybe that was just a general signal to the noise around him. Maybe. Because he didn't run to the fans and shushed them. He kind of stoic almost, which was not which is not like him. I think he's been you've seen it in his body language over the past few weeks. He's been, he's aware that he's not playing well. And he's been really frustrated by it. It's not something that he's used to. But you know, it's like, it's like when we talked about Frank Lampard at Chelsea, how aware he was of all the talk that was around him to the point where he was like, you know, name checking journalists who'd written stories about him. In press conferences, and I think we forget that. Maybe someone like son is also, again, probably the guy to go to white heartland weekend week old. The supporters, they're not on his back. Maybe there's the Mona grown there, but they're probably not on his back. But it only takes maybe him just a log on to Twitter or go on to social media of some sort and see one thing, and that could set it off. You just don't know. Yeah. But it kind of raises an interesting dilemma for them now, because so what do you do when they're all playing well? Conte is going to have to figure this out. And he has said that there will be guys who are just rested just because of the congestion of the fixture congestion. They have coming up. So it may just have to be like that. It may not even be a form related thing. It's just like, well, it's your turn. You got to sit for this one. You mentioned Kane as somebody that they're going to have to start sitting on a rotational basis. I mean, it's cool to set up some of the goals that there were so many goals. I can't remember all of them, but you put in a beautiful cross for cane was it for the two one to go ahead goal. Yeah. And it's interesting because when they signed, what was it? You said to me that like, what is this for? Do they want him as like a wingback or something? Because for that amount of money, it was just like, well, where is he going to fit? Where is he going to play? And when they're all going good, you're right, he might be the odd man out, which seems hard to fathom considering how much he costs. What was he 60 million? 55 million, something like that for a guy that we're not even sure where he's going to play. So I guess it's a good problem to have, but you don't want guys who are informed to kind of be wasting away on the bench. So it can also be a bad problem to have. Let's see, arsenal, they keep rolling JJ and they played a 15 year old over the weekend. Good lord. 15 years. He's not a good one. Is that a good thing I wonder? 15. I mean, I was doing a lot of reading on him and you hear the word maturity when he's spoken about just the stories of like his whole career, which, again, he's 15, his career. Good God. But at every level, he's always been playing with the level above when he was 12. He was playing with the under 14s. I know when he was 14, he was playing with the under 16s or whatever. So it's not the same thing though. These are grown men with

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