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That has to happen before we send people to the surface of the moon. It is the next step on the journey that gets humanity to Mars. This is the first moon crew to include a woman and someone not from the U.S., we'll talk more about it with WTO space reporter Greg redfern at four 45. What does making slime have to do with a possible career in science? No kids from our area will get a chance to find out that the night of science coming up next week. When kids from kindergarten through high school head to the U.S. patent and trademark office in Alexandria next Wednesday night, they'll get a chance to get their hands dirty, really dirty. Maybe make slime or build a rocket or do some other cool stuff. Juan Valentin, education program adviser with the USPTO explains that the night of science or noce de scientist with leading Hispanics in stem offers hands on experience along with information on careers from agencies, including NASA, the focus is on encouraging Hispanic students to enter the stem fields but everyone's welcome. We want everyone to realize that they are all inherently creators. They're all inherently problem solvers, but it provides a glimpse into what their future could look like. Kate Ryan, WTO be news. The latest trend taking over the office is called bare minimum Mondays. It's a burnout prevention strategy created by a TikTok influencer who tells CBS the now viral concept is all about easing into the start of the work week. Well, we didn't do that today, did we? No, no. She gives the first two hours or for Monday completely free, and only schedules three tasks for the entire work day. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. All right, rob wood fork here, no bare minimum Monday for the guys in Houston tonight. And actually, does that apply to my work week starts on Sunday? So does that just transfer to Sunday? I don't know. That's a whole different thing. All right, I'm going to talk to the bosses about that. We're roughly 5 hours from tip off in Houston between UConn and San Diego state to cap one of the craziest NCAA tournaments of all time. This is a fascinating matchup virtually no one had in their bracket. The huskies have beaten all comers and attorney by an average of 20 points, but Jordan Hawkins, how do you keep that up against an Aztecs defense that ranks as one of the country's best? Being gaps helping your teammates defensive rebound and it's going to be the biggest thing for us. But keeping games close and finishing strong is a staple for Lamont butler in San Diego state, some we work on. I practice we do scenarios, one minute, 30 seconds, scenarios against our scout team, who's really good. So just kind of prepares us for these moments. We had some struggles earlier that earlier in the season that we're closing games, so this is connect to our coaches, putting us in these scenarios before the game even starts. Now for some dot connecting Maryland fans should enjoy ESPN is reporting former long time to math the coach Mike Jones is coming to Maryland. Jones reportedly still has close ties to Michigan transfer hunter Dickinson from their time together at dama. So as much as he was booed coming to Xfinity center as a Wolverine, those booze could quickly turn if he becomes a term. The national souls the Tampa Bay Rays at 7 O 5 Trevor Williams set to make his first start for the Nats. Rob woodwork WTO sports. All righty, thank you, rob. Keep it here on WTO after traffic and weather. The latest on former president Trump's arrival to New York ahead of tomorrow's arraignment for 26. The greater Washington board of trade is a professional membership community representing top vibrant and diverse leaders

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