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Wins three number one seeds five top gotta top two seeds your mind don't even go there this is mine so can i ask you some questions i want to ask i want to probe on a specific question for you there's a debate that's going on on social media right now though nova is how far from philadelphia thirty miles west line does does philadelphia get to claim villanova as their basketball team are they will now they will now but this is a real debate though in philly in philadelphia it's yes yes see see there's the big five tournament which was villanova saint joe's temple drexel university of pennsylvania but they always just amok villanova because we're not in the city right in line which is very ritzy it's very upscale villanova's shinwar villanova's not winning championships they and not a part of phone they want nothing to do but now they're throwing you a parade well they throw parade i have to say two years ago where we went end in eightyfive do they do they love a good parade so you gotta give them that wasn't until like a couple of years ago that philadelphia was hard for any championships at all and now they're like absorbing champ ships everyone else's championships are they're still they're going to strike call the arts on that one shutout to dante defense endo hook dante david chen zo who came off the bench thirty one points a careerhigh in the game and during the game against kansas villanova in the first half tied the the final four mark for three pointers made in a game they did that in kansas and they broke it in the second half they thirteen at a twenty six three pointers in the first half of the game with five players hitting multiple three points that was incredible they didn't hit as many in the beginning yesterday they were look colder but then they they warmed up well i hope you're hope you're proud of your momodern because i saw some of the some of your fellow current students jumping over fires last night to celebrate you know i have to tell you i'm trying to win the.

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