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In your career we know statistically fifty percent of your career you'll have a bad boss and the sooner you realize that you can succeed anyway the better off your career is going to be side wakeman author of the book the reality based rules of the workplace says it may just be that we need to change the way we look at our work and our boss many people believe their jobs are too big or bosses are unrealistic and when i really coach them and help them look at that all they're being asked to do is growing develop in proportion to the needs of their markets and most of us take a request to improve our skills as an insult and we impose their own suffer hiring on ourselves getting sucked into office gossip can really drain your energy and cy has a way to stop it when somebody says gosh did you hear about department x i tend to just say you know wonderful thanks for letting me know this what can we do the help and when someone's lying to gossip and i ask how we can help they tend to not gossip with me any longer we sometimes suffer at work because we ask ourselves questions like why don't they listen to me or why doesn't anyone tell me anything and a fasttrack is the change my question what can i do to get the information i need that leads me into accountability and action my stress is gone my happiness increases and my results skyrocket at somethingyoushouldknow dot net i'm mike carruthers in that something you should know wbz newsradio ten thirty i'm greg minor as.

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