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Point to treachery, a social deduction cultist game where a magic eight ball decides your fate, and they're pretty great. We actually talked to them about making a game based on small soldiers and they came up with some assembly required, which is super awesome next up. We got a shout out from Eddie Jensen who's the artist of the web comic. Grapple seed. Eddie wanted us to say on his behalf. Riders are the unsung heroes of web comics the storytellers the song singers, the voice behind the curtain as an artist. I get a lot of praise in the web comic community. The artist gets the follows the artists gets the fan or in the Ryder gets nitpicks in complaints of plot holes. So this is shout out to three of my favorite web comic writers. Homar Hagan Halligan writer of grapple seed. Benjamin gray writer, Dan, the snowman in J in monk rider of star him or y'all killin it. And yeah, that was again, from Eddie Johnson of grapple sees you guys should go to grapple comic dot com. Check that out, and I also have some thank yous some of our thank yous. Come from our four. The chaotic chaotic goodness podcast, particularly Kim from chaotic goodness. Ben's been listening to this podcast, a little and their GM lets the players make a lot of choices about the world in it. It's it gives up a pretty funny space opera vibe. That's kind of like future. Rama oracle Chem talks is on both Instagram and Twitter, and we love them so much. Thanks, kim. Next up. Thanks to gauge Lippold, who makes a fun furry web comic called key to the future state for tweeting about the show. Gauge goes by professional for Sona raider on Twitter and we'll actually do that for you. Apparently gauge is always engaging and sending us ideas be let gauge and send your own ideas for things we should have done with Indiana Jones on the crystal kingdom of the crystal skulls, and we'll pick some of those to discuss when we do our role play rehash episodes for this series. Thanks gauge and mixed up, thank you to Peyton boulevard of conquest interactive conquest. Performance. Art group, that jazz cons, cool stuff, like puppets, and costly. She's an old friend of Alex's in bins thanksgiving. Peyton thank you to headliner reuse headliner make these little one minute preview videos or episodes in automatically transcribes, the captions for us for free, which is awesome. Thank you to Alex is awesome imputable in amazing wife Janette. She is the talent behind Inc Spitzer design, and the person who made our logo. She is the best also bins brother Caleb he is. In fact, my brother Caleb is well, for making some of the music we use, and for just being released a port of, of role play ret. Con you might remember Caleb from our Bettman series, if you like role play right on. And you want to keep it going, please. Tell your friends on spread the word about us on Twitter, or Facebook, or Instagram is the best way for us to grow. We actually tried to get a Facebook ad going. Recently ended pretty much nothing for us. So we love re tweets and likes but we what we really need is for you to actually talk. Us up not just share re tweet, the best way to do that is to use the hashtag hashtag role play rut. Con if you do that will return the favor and give you a little shadow during the segment..

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