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Probably what fifteen games so far week one and i'll probably watch a couple more here in the next couple l. days but what i've seen the two corners i've seen her c. J. anderson at florida and then jeff okuda ohio state the biggest differences both similar and coverage both are long both are fluid both can run both are blanket cover corners. The differences okuda will come and make contact. You'll tackle. You and that's so huge. That's what i saw just this bleak. I thought thought he was like a lot like greedy but then now looking at him. He's more denzil ward. Well come up and hit you just end zone. Greedy does not do that and you know what i'll tell you what the most impressive thing that i watch four is when he does it. He gets up with attitude like he wants to do it. He's not doing it because he has to do it. He wants to make that tackle. He wants to take out your kneecaps and flip you over. He wants to come up and make those plays and that was so he played you better. You better enjoy him. <hes> for for the next twelve games or whatever it is because that's that's about the end i think gi probably sit out the bowl game to visit the defense as a bizarre random thing to bring up. We'll just saying he's not going to sit aalto ballgame unless they lose three games and go to a shitty bowl then i would sit out to. I'll tell you the other guy that only played seventeen snaps on defense. <hes> was brennan white which was really surprising me played seventeen snaps on defense and graded seventy nine percent fourth highest grade on defense and so a lot of i don't know if it was a <hes> there was a reason for that but i'd like to see more brennan white but the other story line here that that is i mean it was predicted. It was said had to be this way but the defense line was ridiculous. I mean out of the top seven players one two three four of them are defensive lineman top seven grades. It's four d. Lineman will you would just you knew chase young would be looking good out there. I knew he was a monster have his day and chase young graded out at like six six v best on defense. The guy that was so impressive to me was jay sean cornell. He graded out eighty nine percent. He was a monster. Those zone reads those those reversed versus zone reads or whatever you wanna call them with the jet sweep breeds he was taken away both all game and just just tracking people down so he played. He played outstanding him and bb. Landers were the two the highest grades and they played outstanding yeah. I was gonna say. I saw a lot of b._b._c. I know he had to grade out pretty high. Yeah i mean he he greeted out really high and the overall kind of analysis. I think this going back to the off. Coverage in the in the soft coverage are starting the ohio state starting corners. There's were targeted and coverage twelve times right. Semi's a ball was thrown to their guy twelve times and there was nine receptions that just shows you the minimal amounts of contested throws right because they only got forty six yards on those nine receptions five yards a catch and that's okay. That's that's that's what if that's what will how states are going to do then then. You have to be prepared for that. There's gonna be some easy throws. There's gonna be some little things that happen some easy completions but i i would imagine that they will start changing it up a little bit <hes> moving moving forward as we start getting into the meat of the big ten schedule. The two two things that i saw on special teams that i think are critical is one is three point stances on punt return. I don't know if people even ever noticed that paid attention to that but we used to. When when i was at ohio state we were we were dominant in punt returner pump block and we were a three point stance operation that meant that there was a threat of rushing the punt every snap and then carry combs and graciano decided to change it must have been three years ago and then it was a complete fall off in production..

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