Steve Mnuchin, Congress, Staff Director discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe


Treasury secretary steve mnuchin continues to urge congress to raise the debt limit as soon as possible by his estimation the us government will have trouble paying its bills on or around september twenty nine civilians staff director on the senate budget committee now he's with the bipartisan policy center in washington dc joins me now stick we ask you first of all the give away the secret sauce if you would how does here analysis differ from what the cbo is doing with the treasury department's too peace this together cbo department treasury and should be p say i think we all agree late september the congress is really has to act i win seems to politics into the natural disaster we're seeing unfold here in texas which you bring up tropical storm harvey could that that make this more untenable make congress more willing to get this done because of the complications there have to deal with in texas i think congress is going to be much more anxious to get all of this done the big player in all of this is going to be the president and he has a very controversial decision and make is he going to insist on the wall between mexico and a very in the united states and i think i think it's noble answer right now whether the president will say i want that wall despite which happened in texas because of already hear more interviews like this one on bloomberg television streaming live on bloombergcom and on the bloomberg mobile app or check your local cable listings global business news 24 hours a day free book called the radio mobile app and on.

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