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New York City border to border and coast to coast your connected with Tom solvent. Thanks for joining us. I'm Sam Shane in for Tom Sullivan. Tom just taking the day. I know that there was some time. When Tom was off quite a few days in a row, but this is just a one day deal. Thank you for being here. It's my pleasure to fill in for Tom into what a day, it has been really a remarkable state funeral. For former President George Hw Bush. We're gonna spend a lot of time on that. Coming up here in the next hour for sure and something tells me, it might dominate a good portion of the next three hours here on the Tom Sullivan show. Also, we're going to touch upon some of the other issues in Washington DC behind the close behind closed door meeting between the United States senators in some of the lead investigators from the CIA talking about specifically the killing of Jamal kashogi, the journalist apparently allegedly at the hands of Saudi Crown prince again, this was behind closed doors, and we're going to hear from a few of the senators that were in that meeting number one their reaction to what they heard how they think the US should handle relationships with Saudi Arabia going forward. But second of all Senator rand Paul very critical of the meeting in why he thinks that this is just another representation of what he calls the deep state in Washington DC critical of closed door meetings. We're going to get into that. And find out if your concerned about that as well. Does this need to be more in the open, Robert Muller? Apparently is about to wrap things up. I don't know how many times we've heard this one, but that is surfacing again in the headlines that his investigation which began into Russia and has now veered off in a number of different directions could be headed for some sort of conclusion. We did learn, of course, that Michael Flynn who is under investigation apparently has been cooperating with Muller and the investigators and this Russia investigation apparently is moving forward. So far, and we're going to hear from someone who said so far this has been a really good investigation for promises. And not so good for results that this is still one big nothing sandwich. How do you read? What's going on with the Muller investigation? Also, we hope to get into is there a democrat out there who can beat President Donald Trump in two thousand twenty Bruce Springsteen says, Nope. Bruce, Springsteen big time democrat doesn't see it. So what does the field look like? And who are some of the emerging stars on the democrat side that are bubbling up to the surface that maybe you haven't heard of and we're going to hear from prominent of a leading United States Senator who says Democrats are too smart for voters. So a lot to get into their. But the news of the day is, of course, this national day of mourning here in the United States of America. The George H W Bush state funeral. Thousands gathered to pay their respects to George H W Bush during the state funeral services was held at the Washington National cathedral on a national day of mourning. He is the last president from the greatest generation. And I just mentioned to somebody in the studio just a second ago our country needed this at this time. This was a very moving stirring stoic. Wonderful unifying ceremony today at a time when our country is incredibly divisive at a time when we hear politicians on election night talking about the need for unity and three weeks later, issuing divisive words against their opponents. That was not what this man was. And that is not what this ceremony was his son. Former President George W Bush former Canadian Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney biographer, Jon Meacham, all delivered eulogies for the forty first. President former Senator Alan Simpson of Wyoming, a close friend in the elder Bush of the elder Bush also spoke he was very funny. Simpson was great. We've got a clip for him. We're gonna play that for you momentarily. The eulogy by his son was a moment for the history books. We're gonna play a couple of clips from George W Bush in just a second the president you'd eulogized another president who just happened to be his father very emotional time. President Trump was their first lady Melania Trump was there. Barack and Michelle Obama were there Bill and Hillary Clinton and Jimmy Carter, all in attendance. So the ceremony was held for some time at the United States capitol. That's where the forty first president was lying in state since Monday evening, and then a motorcade transported Bush's casket to the cathedral. The service began at eleven o'clock eastern time in the morning. We'll get into his life in just a second. But before we do I wanna play or the first Clinton. This is former President George W Bush. Recalling his father's values in life. He was an epithet.

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