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I have a clip from the TV show the monkeys. And it's from an episode called the monkeys watched their feet in which you make our objected by aliens. Classic muggy storyline. So we're about to hear you. You are on a you've been blamed beamed onto a flying saucer. You are then cloned by the blues blue skinned captain and his assistant, then you're evil evil robot. Double is unleashed back into the world to spy on the other monkeys Peter Tork, and and Michael Ness, man. Let's take a listen. Spaceship over that more powerfully. First argument of the space, Elliot, what does the spaceship, look like, I do not know. So then how do you know, it is spacious is right, man. Probably some new Dr. Aliens to take note of strange behavior. On this next. I'm here in enemy had corners, the have money destructors here. I do love when us terrible. They also have insufferable tortures here owners. Cries, they tear off a Ted. Hollerin? It's ear. The head back on the body. I'd done how it stays alive. Thank you. No one will you actually very strange. You know, I'm not I'm acting perfectly normal. There's nothing strange about me. Had again, I can't stand it. Is a lot of nonsense for television show in the mid nineteen sixty oh boy a lot. But you know, interesting, you should say that if you look back, and I've studied it, and I've done lectures now people have asked me, you know, for years. We know what was it? How was it? How did it happen? It. It wasn't that. If you look back at it really wasn't that. I was the word. I guess surprising because the producers had made some very clever early on decisions when they were doing their bible, which is the essence of of show for starters and funding enough. I was just listening to an interview you did with Eric idle who I know of known for years, and he was talking about Monty python's, and he mentioned how the humor was not topical. The monkeys. Humor was not topical nor was it satirical. And I think that's one of the reasons why the monkeys and Monty python? And I love Lucy other shows stand up for so long because they're not topical. And that was a conscious decision that the producers made we're not gonna talk about anything in the news this week. We're not gonna do anything to satirical. It was. A another friend of mine a guy named John Lennon oak, did I drop that name grab it. Who said the Monkees were like the Marx brothers. And if you look at the monkeys show of the project, the whole thing as the sort of half hour Marx brother's musical movie on television. Everything makes a whole lot more sense. If you think of an old Marx, but this movie where everybody ran around and danced and sang and had a plot. And there was a bad guy and a good guy and people were doing silly stuff. And you know that scene you just played could have been right out of a marksman movie. We were screened marks his movies during the preparation process, for instance. So it was not coincidental. I mean, there was some thought put behind this that the show would not be topical. It would not be Sterkel because that would date it very quickly. And also a very important point. I think is that the Monkees were never successful. It was the struggle. For success? Because that I think is what endeared it to all those kids around the world was that we represented all those kids in their garages and their basements in their kitchens and wherever and the garage. Trying to be the Beatles. And that is essentially what the monkey show is about this band that wanted to be the Beatles. And on the television show, we never made it. It was always the struggle for success that that I think is like I say one of the things that endeared it to so many people. Did you want to be lovable? Marx brothers, Ian goof-balls. Or did you want to be cool Rockstars when the possibility that you actually may be could be cool Rockstars came up. In my case. It was I woke up one day, and I fell asleep one night as a working actor entertainer singer musician 'cause I had to do all that. And I woke up in the morning as cool rockstar..

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