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And it's time for us to make sure some things that might have slipped. Your attention. No longer slip your attention, Micah. So let's start with you know, ice hockey. Let's do that hockey. And let's do that hockey Saturday night the kings. Welcome in the Pittsburgh Penguins. And the official a celebrity puck dropper was none other than snoop snoop, snoop Dogg. Yes. New Baluch as they say and what he did more. He just didn't drop the puck. That is correct. He stuck around. And at one point when the kings were on a power play on Fox Sports west. They asked him you want to call the game and snoop took it and ran with it. Hey. Thank you. Twice. Yup. I've dropped out of Stanley before. Yes, sir. Right there. I'll find you. Did you? Runaway runaway. House. Giddy. Ooh. Get out to way. Don't. Find it all nephew. Good looking at your sportscenter.

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