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Dead leg, what's the in one game? You said ten to 16 pounds worth of Turkey? That's a legit Turkey, my friend. Big Turkey. They don't play around. They're not playing around. This is the Zion Zion Williamson of turkeys we're talking about. I feel like the Zion Williamson what are we even discussing? I feel like the Zion Williamson of turkeys is more like north of 23 pounds. So what the hell do I know? I'm a pescetarian. All right, you think pack 12 networks a problem? 5th game. Why don't they put the pack 12 network on truTV? Does nobody ever thought about that? I mean, just move the backflow of network the true TV. Friday night. Am I the only one with the brain? 9 o'clock eastern. BYUtv. I think I have it. You do? I'm certain I have it. Oh, man. I can watch this, no problem. Well, I don't have any idea where it is, but I got it. I'm certain I have it. I don't know if I don't know if you got in that Manhattan hotel room. I don't have it here in Spokane. But normally, if you were at home, sure. You'd have it. Yeah. Watching this tonight for us. Although I'm in West Coast conference territory for all I know, BYUtv's like, it comes on before I get to the CBS and big channels here. CVS, by the way, is the network of stars. America's most watched network. We got a mountain west throwback rematch here. San Diego state of the mountain west going to play its former MWC foe, BYU. It's 9 o'clock tip on BYUtv. Ken palm line, I had the Ken palm line. I don't have the actual line up in front of me here. Didn't know if it was going to be out at this hour. So we're just going with Ken palm line. BYU. Minus two at home, they are 39th at Ken palm, San Diego state is 33rd. Who you get. As much as I love San Diego state. We know that. I'm gonna have to go with the cougars. You can't go into the Marriott center on the opening weekend of the season and win a game? What are we talking about? Jimmer fredette center, by the way, forgot to mention that. You can't go in. You can not go into the Fred center on a Friday night in November and win. What are you even trying? Who even scheduled this? I think both teams scheduled it. If you're looking for a factually accurate response, I think both teams did. Well, only one team should have. Okay. That team being BYU, of course. Okay. So you're going to take BYU to win and cover. Alex, what do you mean, Alex barcelo and the other team does not? It's true. It's true. What have you played for both teams, though? You get confusing. Don't even. Just get confused. That's like putting tax involve network on tru TV. It gets a little confusing. That should happen. Okay. That should happen. You see riverside getting a lot of love on this episode because San Diego is opened at season on Tuesday with a 13 point win over UC riverside, BYU coming off an opening win against a tournament team from last season. They beat Cleveland state by ten. You mentioned barcelo. He was 13 of 13 from the line in that game, 404 from two range in one of two from three, just again. I do it all player. He was too lowly ranked on our top 100. I tried to tell you guys, but what do you want from me? BYU leads the all time series 49 to 24 against San Diego state, but that's of course anyway, it was basically terrible until Steve Fisher got there at the end of the 20th century. And since then, the program has been much, much better. I will take this is a good game. This is we got a couple sneaky good ones here. We got two main headliners, but we've got some sneaky good ones here on the opening weekend of the season. You will take the cougars and so will I at home in this environment. I don't know what the fan situation was last season at the fredette center by the time we got to February. I just can't recall if one of those deals where they had some people limited capacity and masks if they had nobody. But I know this. I haven't been there. You want to talk about places I haven't been to. This would be top 5. Get to get out to Provo and see this kind of game. That's for sure. I've never been out. I've been there. I've walked inside that place. You have launched inside the Marriott center for that center as we were here. You can't come out the front center. You have to name it. We established years ago. That is renamed for that for that guy that kicked out of school because he had premarital sex. Oh, remember him? Yeah, but I thought, come on, man. Davis, right? Why are you doing this to me? Trivia time. How many played with jimmer? So what year was that? Was it that long ago? Brandon Davies? Brandon Brandon Davies, Brandon Davies. I thought he got the floor. No, he gets the whole center. Well, someone gets the court. Jumper for that court. You named the arena. Now that might not be him. I don't know if that's him. Brandon Davies it is him. Your shirts, Sam? You sure that is the man who had premarital sex? Yeah, I'm pretty. First, do I have evidence? No. Do I want evidence? No. Would it be appropriate to have evidence? No. But it was Brandon Davies. 99% sure. Yes. You know, you know, 1% chance, it's not. My apologies, but also my genuine pity and empathy for Brandon Davies for not having premarital sex, but I do believe that it was him. It's a tough situation. It's a tough situation to find yourself in. I think it was Brandon Davies. How we swerve in it? To the small faction of listeners who have children Nintendo want to listen to this podcast. Our deepest apologies for how you know, we can't listen. There's just gonna be.

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