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On the way and the dozens of fbi agents investigating this case senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he plans to unveil a revised healthcare bill to replace obamacare on thursday with a vote moving ahead on measure next week dave packer abc news stay connected stay informed this is komo news komo news time eight thirty wanted sixty nine degrees art sanders top local stories from the komo twenty four seven news center united states senators had plans to take the entire month of august off but now those plans of changed senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will need to stay in session as his republican party attempts to repeal and replace obamacare therefore we will be and fashion the first two weeks of august had originally anticipated not being here will be here democratic senator patty murray supposed the republican healthcare plan originally told us she doesn't believe the gop is running the country well they've been working for well there it but it ever and i have on a carrot killed by everywhere they are going to have their budget that in a timely manner by march apron not that it done causes the senate has a lot of work to do with the democrats are slowing it down steven powell's been released from prison after serving his sentence for possession of child porn the department of corrections as she was released today from the monroe correctional facility he'll be under state supervision is a registered sexoffender for two years bowel served time for voyeurism and possession of pictures of young neighbor girls using their bathroom is the father josh powell who is suspected of killing his wife susan cox powell in two thousand nine before killing shelf long with his two young sons in two thousand twelve pierce county sheriff paul past doors says it's time to stop relying on lawmakers to deal with the mentally ill goma's pete combs reports the sheriff's remarks came as he testified before state lawmakers in olympia we can't just sweep it aside homeless as substanceabuse health from say but.

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