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Welcome to another episode of shenanigans i'm your host sheena shea at sheena as a on all social media platforms as i was mind you snap trap is my fav i'm their daily today i'm sitting next to the gorgeous donning beautiful miss chester lockhart everyone forgot like legendary iconic unforgettable skinny legend those are some other things that are resume i was gonna put those out show but now they're in the intro perfect i'll give you all of those written down you just took them took the words right out of my mouth so good so for those of you who don't know chester is the amazing and talented person who stars opposite me in sex tips for straight women from gay man now he's not the game and he's the straight woman in the show so we are doing that show at the paris hotel in las vegas every night other than wednesday's because wednesdays we are here at podcast one recording some shannon agains how how have you like doing the show with me so far it's hard because like i love the show but like my co star is like not that cool so it's been difficult kind of annoying she's kind of annoying honestly really full of her solve ignores other people it's been hard no it's been literally the best it's been so much working with you like not only is the show so fun but being able to commute just like these so this is not so impersonal.

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