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Angelina was the target right in case in case of so why night for Angelina? Yeah. It really not probably at least we've seen Evangelina in a long time probably thing for her. Yeah. Yeah. But I think that you're always you never are just thinking of one idol you're thinking like what if there's ten idols out there? So I think if Angelina was the target you would not necessarily steal her. You don't want her playing another. I ate like just just that'll okay? All right. We'll take a question from James. Do you guys think now with the players knowing where to look for the the the producers will come up with different locations ideas? Besides the challenges to hide immunity idols make it more difficult to find more than one. I don't know. I mean, we've seen idols the hidden some different places we had the merge Eitel. So Carl's advantage sort of a nontraditional idle fine. But I don't think we're gonna reinvent the wheel here. Ten f. Episode into David versus Goliath, they want they want to be found. Idols are fun. They make a change create opportunities change the power dynamics of the game. So I don't think they would try to make it really obscure for someone. What do you think? He didn't go to bring back hints. I really miss the hints. You know, like mysterious clues Nick and Davey, basically found a hint last week. Right. Right. But that was sort of like it was like a map they used to have every week. They would become a little more clear. Yeah. I guess I mean, that's sort of like a bunch of episode of leading up to one idol. I think in one episode. I mean, how many do we wanna see hints to the idol? I think that the show wants them to want them in circulation. They want them to play. They don't wanna have a tribal council with his no idle threat being talked about because it makes a very open and shut case. Yeah enough. This is a good question. From from Zach is it unfair that only a few players know of the existence of the nullify or in the game. How does this compare to the? Surprise fourth-place fire. Making twist during survivor heroes vs healers versus hustler. So Stephen should there be an argument where that if an idol is going to be in the game should Jeff Probst at the start of the season on day. One say, hey, everybody, guess what this season there will be an idol nullify or at some point. I used to be very much in the camp of if an advantage exists that can do something is completely unfair for everyone. Not to know what the powers of are. I've really come around to the idea that life isn't fair survivor in particular isn't fair. It's not a fair game. You know, there's a lot of random stuff that happens. Twists happen new things. Enter the game. I think maybe it used to be like a more fair game back in the day. When there was there were fewer of these things, and it was fine. More boring to lack of fairness is just part of the DNA. Unfortunately, it's not a completely fair game. Yeah. Would it be more fair? Certainly would it be less fun in terms of the TV probably? So I think you're writing the balance, and I don't know if you're going to be able to really reverse that trend. Yeah. Someone like, Dan he playing this. There's there's so much luck. And there's so much chance that goes into this game. Anyway, even it's very concession from the idea of like who you're being cast with are. You wanna try with people who are like you. Are you not on a tribe with people who are like, you know, you have people who are you're going to be your friends or they'll going to like h you and just the very core of that is somewhat unfair premise and just have to kinda ride it out you try to minimize the risk and maximize all you can do is minimize unfairness and minimize your own susceptibility and your risk. And then just accept what happens, Dan like, there's nothing he can do about this. Okay. Let's do another two or three questions here with Steven fish back. So he can get back to trimming the bird to get ready for tomorrow. Let's take this one. From Tiffany does the nullify our work as a concept. I didn't it wins. Ziggy used it on Australians of trillion survivors, season two..

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