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James so what virtual reality does is it creates a entirely different experience based on an environment so you could be pulled into environment of a kingdom or maybe you're chasing somebody on a horse to that kingdom so it's an immersive experience how this is changing is we have the addition of augmented reality a are so the difference is augmented reality think of it like putting a layer on top of an environment so say you're walking down the street and you are looking at the neighborhood houses stores restaurants but you really don't know what they are especially if you're visually impaired so think of it as an overlay of names of restaurants addresses categories so whatever the developer would like to add so say you walk out of your house you're walking down the street and you're in the world of a are you are going to see part of the environments but you're also going to be seeing things that are added over it so this is just huge in the area of technology now if you have a smartphone one example that i love is the kea app so what you can do is take a picture of a room and say you want to buy something you can scan their catalog online and they have a marker for if something is a are so for instance you could pick a couch and you can superimpose that on top of the room to see if you like it if it's too big if it's too small you really get a good sense of what that's going to look like so that's going to avoid things like oh no i bought the wrong size or i don't like that color it looks bad let's try something else so i was great for things like that when you're visually impaired it's going to bring a whole new technology right in your view and if you go into the app store you can search for vr apps.

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