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Uh you'll see if they're gradations in color you'll see bands but then is not unless the tv is doing some sort of compression that's generally the source material if you're watching espn that's compressed anything on cables compressed uh any streaming videos compress the best way to tested tv special one of these new 4 k h d r tv's is to hook it up to a blu ray uht blu ray player and play some good quality content on it and see what it looks like i've been watching on mine are just washed billy lynn's long halftime walk which is uh an interesting movie to watch on i four k tv because it was shot at one hundred twenty frames per second a high frame rate on digital camera equipment and the director angrily decided to make it he didn't have the actors wear makeup he wanna to make it feel vivid in real and i can tell you sitting there it's almost two real you feel like you're looking at the it's a little like cringe e your you're looking at the actors looking to back at years like uh are you here in the room with me this is weird it's a little towfighi down could go down one level it uh in tv would would you recommend a samsung or continue with an lg uh i guess it would be to led and uht yes so sampson doesn't make oleds they make i don't think maybe they do now the q la d is is is lcd tv don't be fooled by that i think samsung's doing people are disservice with the queue because it looks so much like oh and i think there are some people go wandering in ceo at said ola it's not it's an leed backlit lcd screw here so be very clear on that i think they do a good job with it the q is what they call quantum dots and they believe an ad scott looks in our home theater guys confirmed that they that does look better that's a better kind of lcd tv but i.

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