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He's an almost wasn't anyway but but they weren't and you wonder you wonder i mean going back to game three remember. That was a game that brooklyn could very easily one as well when they had that we are. Sure the weird possession at the end where they didn't pick up anybody and drew holiday gets the layup when they went from one up to one down and his could of the series it could it was. It could've could've gone three. Oh it couldn't have gone. What one too. Because they kick the bucks ass in the first two games and then milwaukee they did stabilizion i. I was impressed that they kind of kept on fighting and that was a pretty big hit to get work the way that they did have played hard and they played very good defense but offensively. It was a disappointing series and they just missed a lot of shots But i guess the question will become you. We'll find out who they play. We'll do. I guess a preview. Maybe monday I mean what it won't start until wednesday. We could do it too. Yeah yeah yeah. All right Monday off as we says one sixty nine. Am pacific time right now. But i mean how just. How are you going to remember this series. I mean part of that will be determined by you. Know what the bucks go on to do and perhaps if they win the championship and they do it in impressive fashion but none of these teams. That are left really. Are you like blown away by me. Maybe the sun zip. If paul is back in The clippers i you know even with kawhi the there's no way i would be full strength. You think by the time they they play the bucks. So i mean to me like maybe i shouldn't be disappointed because You know they did not play very well in this series. And i should accept that. That's with the bucks are but i will still be disappointed if they don't win the nba championship. At this point. They had the most talent. I think brooklyn did have some systemic advantages against them. But if they can't beat philly with joel embiid injured. Or i mean the freaking atlanta hawks. Then that'll be a massive disappointment as well but it will just. It's always just going to be so such. I mean it was a classic series incredibly hard fought and katie almost did it but he still could and the all i'll remember him probably more than anything from the series and i'll remember this incredible bucks defense and pj tucker like his. His effort in this series was just wonderful. I really enjoyed that matchup between katie and tucker more. I can't remember a one on one matchup that i've enjoyed more. A maybe you'd say igwe and lebron and the twenty fifteen miles but the warriors switched everything right. Like pizza tucker. He did not have that luxury in the snow to get through every screen and never stop something that i found so fascinating about this series. Is that partially because it was so long and the key players played so many minutes. It seemed like a lot of different players had moments in the sun and then had moments in the deep shadows. I mean yeah. He drew holiday had a lot of in the shadows overall in this series. I mean it's it's amazing when you think about those three huge shots. He hit in at the end of the fourth quarter holiday shot. Thirty eight percent from the field in regular in in this series and just really couldn't find a shot but he you know hit a few and it mattered. Most bruce brown had his moments. Jeff game five will true incredible and another guy who was totally injured in this series. Yes but for durant is is a one. But then both of these coaches being like. We'll screwed. I don't have anything else. And just basically only playing their best guys pushing them exceedingly hard you know whether immune this game is a great encapsulation of it with five starters playing over fifty minutes and then you have drew holiday brook lopez and joe harris pretty closely behind behind those guys and the competition the level the level of effort and the necessity of set effort. I think it is really memorable. And also it's it was a strange series in the sense that there are a lot of these like memorable things like game one. I mean we were doing it for the live show and were so despondent about hearted and then the the the debts just have that dominant performance. And so for me. You have the series where they're only. I would classify it as like true close games. You had game three with that crazy ending. You had game five. The kevin kevin durant spectacle. And then you had this and all three of those were just iconex super memorable. We're game game. Three might not have been kind but like super memorable really interesting and then outside of that you had blowups of surprising and not surprising varieties. I will remember. Just what an absolute war this series was like. I mean just the level of competition and competitiveness on the floor by both teams and just the fighting through injury and just like how much both teams care like. That might be the biggest thing that i'll take away from this. And i think also the level of respect that the teams had for one another. You know there really weren't many like altercations or anything but it was just great competition the whole way and also you can tell the level of respect that they had another by just how many minutes that they played their guys right like that was i. I don't think we're gonna see mike. Budenholzer plays guys as many minutes. Now maybe i mean they've also been in desperation mode in this series since game two to where they just like. We gotta do this but the nets were in desperation mode in game one of this series and goes down and playing kyrie and durant the minutes that they're playing them in and i wonder i wonder if this will like it. This is going to change things. If like more teams we'd be like fucking. Were just playing our guys the whole game..

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