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I wrote the ski lift up with Eliot Spitzer. With former New York governor and client number nine. I was on a ski lift I was on cheer five which is high noon from from the back. My wife, and I we go ski Vail. We spend ninety five percent of the day on chair five back full. I love chair. Anyway, go ahead. What what you want to say? You know, I just wanted to say that this girl that got raped down there in Arizona. That is like that brought tears to my eyes this girl in the veggies state. Somebody obviously, a male takes advantage of this girl, rapes her and and she knows absolutely nothing nothing. And then all of a sudden all nine months, later, whatever a kid, I hope like all get out. And I'm like all get out not occurs because I know cursing is not allowed on yourself. That'd be correct. I wrote they mailed this guy. You know, they're doing the DNA. A sampling a warrant was served that they're all the males at the facility for to provide a DNA sample. If if if anyone doesn't that might be a, I guess, that's the culprit. But also, there might be some that will give up the DNA thinking, maybe the science won't pay me. And I wouldn't I wouldn't Bank on that. Great call. Thanks a lot. I'm in full agreement on the skiing and the deplorable situation with this woman in the vegetative state giving birth in Arizona, thanks for the call call again, don't wait two or three years again. A call back eight hundred eight zero one eighty nine ninety nine I got more calls..

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