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If you have any questions legal questions based on the testimony today, we could try to get to a few quick calls. Let me go to Steve in Largo. Now, Steve how are you? Hey, good. How you guys? Sorry. If you've already brought this up I just jumped on but good. What responsibility does Cohen has to Trump in. And I don't understand the attorney client privilege. Scenario. What it does is Cohen liable to Trump's breaking that. Let's let feel and thank you for the cost. The appreciate Felix. What about that the attorney client privilege? Points today as well. But in terms of where we're at now in this investigation, it's pretty much shattered. And so if this was in terms of his original attorney client privilege with the president that was one thing. But once the investigation started, and we talked about this earlier once the investigation turns they're looking at was this a true attorney client privilege relationship or was this something of a cover up. And it turns you a criminal matter which Michael Cohen has played guilty to once it becomes a criminal matter. Attorney client really deputies out the window. Right. And that's that's the key point to remember because and during the investigation because that was brought up in the initial documents was and in the rules that the us attorney's office uses in their manual is that once it turns into a criminal matter, and you can stab wish that the attorney was acting in cahoots with their client for a criminal conduct like campaign finance violations, or whatever the case may be then that's devilish goes away. The other thing that I wanted to get to is this Republic. Representative from the panhandle Matt gaetz. Yes. The Florida bar opened an investigation into him after he posted a tweet yesterday. This is the tweet that he posted. Hey, Michael Cohen he-. Put Michael Cohen's Twitter handle, right? Do your wife and father in law know about your girlfriend's. Maybe tonight would be a good time for that chat. I wonder if she'll remain faithful when you're in prison, she's about to learn a lot. So the Florida bar didn't release any details about its inquiry, but the spokesperson told the Daily Beast and the bars aware of Gates's comments and has opened an investigation, and they added that if rules have been violated, the Florida bar will vigorous vigorously pursue appropriate discipline. You're somebody who's very familiar with the Florida bar and how all this works. How much trouble is Matt gaetz in. Well, they take these things very seriously. And I know for me as a prosecutor we would get accused by defendants and saying that we acted improperly the bargain care. We said no way, of course. No, we had to respond. We had to respond. An in-depth with transcripts with into formal memorandum. It was a big deal any bar grievance against an attorney. I don't see how I don't see how unless you don't want to see the threatening aspect of this tweet. I don't see how this isn't a threat. Right. And so this is what the the Florida bar rule is on this matter, and it's the rules of conduct a lawyer should use laws procedures only for legitimate purposes, and not to harass or intimidate others. Plain and simple. That's the basic rule in there. And it goes on to say while it's lawyers duty when necessary to challenge the recipient of official action is also a lawyer's duty to uphold legal process. This is a legal process. A congressional hearing right now is there a difference between what the Florida bar will look at and any potential criminal liability with this tweet. Yeah. Because the Florida bar just a procedural thing where you your bar licenses in jeopardy. Okay. That that's one part of it. The criminal kill maybe a lower burden of proof a lower standard. Florida governors. Look. In terms of like whether or not it's disciplinary because some people are saying this is witness tampering. We need to criminally prosecute Mak. Aides to me that seems a lot less likely. Right. However for the purpose of the bar. They're looking at what your oath is as a member of the bar because you're in law school, you have to know all these rules before you congratulate right? And you take an oath to uphold those rules, and the other thing is Nancy Pelosi and some other house members were saying there needs to be disciplinary action. That's a second avenue for them, the third I think in less likely be some sort of criminal action. But again, and that's an ring the bell. He tried to do that last night with his apology so to speak. I really didn't apologize. Any kind of didn't they deleted the tweet? That's why I said so to speak, but as far as the Florida bar's concerned, you made that statement. Yes. And and I don't care Republican democrat. I don't care who you are. Level of attorney, even if you're not in politics that is a threatening tweets, plain and simple. It's unbecoming of a member of congress that should not be a partisan issue. Just outrageous. I mean, he is one of the bigger dopes. I think in congress also that that congresswoman from I forget what state to leave. She made a complete joke out of herself. At the hearing today to also got some legal troubles that he might be getting into as far as he kind of pushed it on the gag order a little bit. We're not gonna have time to get into that. But but that's something as well. Coming up next. I want to give you the breaking news out of Vietnam. We have kind of an update on the Goshi ASICs between President Trump and Kim Jong UN and this this North Korean nuclear summit. So we'll get to that. In a moment here on PM Tampa before.

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