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The dreams of finalize the pds news i'm chilean jennings napa valley california stay with us coming up on the news our how one state is making slow but steady progress against opioid addiction but first back to the president's public appearances today the state of his agenda and his working relationship with congressional republicans for more and all that we turned amy walter of the cook political report and keith of npr politics monday thank you both for being here so let's start we heard a lot all of this earlier but what's more in on the president's recent criticism of mitch mcconnell the senate majority leader the president had mcconnell over to the white house today as we saw earlier over the weekend the president's former chief strategist steve bannon spoke at the conservative value voters summit he was combative about mainstream republican senators who he is vowing to unseat let's listen all you folks that are so concerned that you're gonna give primary and defeated you know there's time for mayor culpa you can come to a stick and condemn senator corker and you can come to a stick a microphone and you can say i am not going to vote for mitch mcconnell for majority leader bob dole is the leader of the republican party on the district majority the way you do that.

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