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And I'm your host this hour on today's show we're talking with Jane club and she is talking with us about her new book harvest the vote how Democrats can win in rural America if you have a question or comment for Jane please get in touch with us on email you can write to us at talk at W. O. R. T. F. M. dot O. R. G. thirteen turning to broadband which you you do write about quite a bit in the book tickets yeah which I I've talked about on my show because for instance you're at home I am I am now talking to you on my land line my cell phone doesn't actually work as a phone here at home and I I know that for a lot of rural residents the cost of of broadband is just prohibitive which will have an impact on school age kids who may need to work online and can't get online so what are you seeing from Democrats about your coping with the broadband issue for rural residents yeah and I feel like you know I was talking to a reporter the other day about pride painting he was laughing that he wrote about broadband and like the early nineties and yet we're still talking about the need for world broadband in human you know in some of our urban communities they don't have access to the internet more cost issue but Brighton real community that's literally there is no internet so in he thinks we have fairly good enough but even this morning because so many people are at home now working right on the internet I tried to do a Skype interview and eight failed midstream and you know we own an avalanche in rural air about fifteen miles from here and there is no internet out there so it's gotten I wanted to New York family could be I'm not Leon we literally couldn't with our jobs that we're we need not only be able to have our cell phones but have a reliable internet connection in order to do our work so I representative Clyburn down South Carolina does have a very good world broadband build back he continues to push it has not been passed through the house and then on the Sunday yet I think that that could happen obviously maybe not this year because of everything that's happening maybe it does get included in one of these you know response build because certainly if needed infrastructure for our doctors and for people from working from home you know Clyburn give this great story where he had you know a football coach tell him that he's students you know these kids after they got finished you know with the game record I got finished up practice would literally have to drive to McDonald's and just sit in the parking lot in order to have access to the internet and that is creepy that me in this hi hi I'm writing twenty twenty that were not able to have broadband in every community across our country and we can do it you know when we have to bring electricity to our world communities we knew that private companies were not going to do it because they would never make up it would be too expensive for them so we relied on the government to do it and that's exactly what we need to do for broadband we need to be using local utilities and local call locked in order to string those lying because corporations are going to do it they haven't done it since the nineties and they're certainly not coming around to do it now no and we do have another question from a listener and this is he is wondering if you could talk about disaster capitalism say for instance the the work of Naomi Klein and that element in our current crisis for for world residents we have land grabbers I own including pension funds like T. I. A. a moving in on bankrupt farmers we have unprecedented agribusiness mergers happening like the proposed dean foods and dairy farmers of America into one dairy and he's wondering how that can be turned into or this this whole issue can be turned into an election issue such a good question I know speaker Pelosi in the house committee is definitely talking about putting in provisions about corporations X. essentially taking advantage of this crisis moment so you know we're seeing that certainly you talk about you know two very potentially merging but you know companies like cosco which I think everybody assumes is that progressive you know company there in Nebraska doing land grabs right now using eminent domain to take our going on away from farmers that they can build huge processing plant you know they want to crack the fifty two million chickens a week for their Costco stores for their you know what your chicken that they sell for five Bucks so you know I think that this will end up on a normal day before the fire so I think you will see a tremendous amount of corporations trying to take advantage of the situation and lack there is some protections in the belt though wow I want this Senate bill compact dinner rather than later I think the house Democrat in the Senate Democrats are right to block that bill yesterday because it didn't have any protection finicky essentially almost total control over to Jeff that you know secretary of treasury in order to make decisions on when the money was going to go without any accountability whatsoever and as far as vertical integration I mean that the farm bills that we've had are are not really doing anything to combat vertical integration and do you hear from from other Democrats who say this has got to stop yeah you know bring up John Hanson again our president of our farmers union because yes in a vertical integration is a big issue that we're trying to tackle here in Nebraska and a lot of our world and accidents are as well and you know he said one of the most frustrating thing for him now looking back on his career is that he has written speeches for at least ten presidents or presidential candidate in all of them have made promises to protect the family farmer and rancher against big agricultural industry industry kind of trying to take the lander or encroach into their profits and he says every time they give those speeches they then don't deliver and he said so I I don't blame liberal voters too especially in the late nineties and early two thousands started to vote for Republicans because the Republicans and Democrats are kind of saying the same lip service around agriculture but then not doing anything about it it's much easier to fall back on the cultural issues on guns immigration and abortion and that's exactly what we have seen happening in our world communities in talking about ending vertical integration or talking about passing country of origin labeling we're talking about passing right to repair all three of those which would have an immediate impact on helping small family farmers and ranchers it's something that also goes hand in hand with our Democratic Party platform of believing in kinda laying up leveling the playing field for folks which is why you know one of the big reasons I wrote this book if you try to connect here our candidates and our leader something concrete to read and get our hands around because I don't blame them for not talking about rural and agricultural issues I don't talk about issues you know from California New York right now talk about issues that I know my world view but they need to start bringing more real people into the room and more real people if you want help getting more world people elected so we have the on casters in the room in the green new deal is getting you know talked about and written so it does reflect more real people again and do you feel like that is happening and that that is happening in this election year no I don't and Jon tester I know senator tester with saying the same thing and I think you know once the family have a nominee which I think will be very soon I think senator Sanders you know we've got the path now to get delegate is just not possible for him to get the nomination this time I think you'll see folks like senator Jon tester in representative Bob Holland front New Mexico thank god larger stand in the party your you know I see that behind the scenes right now and I'm certainly seeing that within the DNC laying the groundwork and act right you know that's not happening yet at the national level and I don't see enough of Jon tester representative Doug Collins who represents payroll native American community this wealth in urban communities in New Mexico you know I don't see them enough on TV talking about these issues and even with that you know coronavirus a few people have mentioned girl community but it's really been focused more on you know the dance populations of California in New York when our rural communities are gonna be it to right and also the impact that that it will have if our our rural farmers are farmers and ranchers aren't able to produce the food that cities rely on I mean that's going to be a big issue yeah we feel like people are making the connection right thanks for looking at our old urban community in the food on your table comes from a lot of our world right so are you seeing more hopeful signs at the local level around you there in Nebraska Jane I do you know that's where you know I think this is true in our urban communities while they're definitely in world where you do the Republicans Democrats and independents working hand in hand at the local level I was on the school board and we had three Democrats three Republicans and three dependents then we would have knock out drag out fight you know in a closed session about different issues or you know curriculum that we wanted to put forward and we came together we gave a little only took a little and we came together on a solution and I know that that needs to happen in the house and the Senate and then like we got into the hyperpartisan world where Nick shot off any ability to work not only across the aisle but from my perspective the within the Democratic Party worked along ideological lines like we have a moderate wing of party in the progressive wing of the party and I always tell people look you need both when the flight like this bird is not quiet and left New York ourselves together again in your life that when moderate people are sitting at the table when we are talking about let's say a Medicare for all bill that bill will be stronger not weaker because they will be bringing in voices of people who were going to need their vote you know when this goes a you know up for election so you know that's what I hope is that we can start to see and learn from mayors and city councils and county boards and school boards where they are working together in a dealing with if they can get things done is working across party lines so here in Wisconsin gerrymandering is a a huge huge issue and of course because of gerrymandering were seeing Republicans take take elections so what are your thoughts on that how do we get past through our gerrymandered districts yeah so you know you're going to want to this independent redistricting council which I think has made it better it certainly hasn't removed all the issues because even you know even if you're in an independent commission you still kind of bring your partisan lines to it as you get appointed to that commission on tape not a perfect solution but certainly better than what we're facing a what we're going to face in the Bronco we have a very partisan prospect to redistricting is a committee of seven people and the majority is always the Republicans so that's not a good situation at all and you know I know you have congressional district and how legislative districts that you know it should be clear that a Democrat should be winning for aspect our second congressional district in the Omaha area by Republicans Ali squeak out a victory over three thousand votes or five thousand votes because of the way the thing gerrymandered part of one of the counties that in that district but it is a real and you know I would hope that there could be a federal solution to that although I certainly understand states want the ability to draw the district they know their districts better than maybe somebody at the federal government but we should be relying on the data that we have instead of allowing people to draw the kind of what ends up looking like cartoon characters on the not so that's what I want to eat right is not being drawn up by data scientists and then presented to the bakers or whatever condition you have kind of in your own state but they can not get drawn by data scientists not by elected officials well I hope we can get there so Jane we are coming up to the end of the hour of closing comments for for our listeners I think one of the things that I hope will really start to do is if you've never been to a rural community and you know I married a cattle rancher I lived in DC Philly all throughout Florida so I didn't know real communities and I had all the scarier type that went along with not knowing where the one of the best things that I tell politicians or activists Democrat is you know every state has a real community and so you should go and visit world book and get to know them more and not look at me you know don't want a real community of different new animals we don't need to be like thank you but we want we want to show you you know we every rural community happened in their product and they block anything you know we're reinventing cooling so we have a league museum we have clearly days where I'm about out of the sand hill cranes to really get to know real people more in the other thing is remember if you are living in an urban community that ideas from rural America will make our farm bill stronger will make the green new deal.

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