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Two of four threes. Fath of seven at the free throw line. Terrell brown. Eleven points, five rebounds, five blocks for the Panthers nine points and five rebounds from Jared Wilson frame who made two of a six three pointers, but cards come up short tonight. And as we said, it certainly does not get any easier in the ACC they'll be at North Carolina on Saturday. And if there is such a thing as easy the the cards have it a little bit better in January than they do in February. Bothers speaking with Chris Mack, currently, and we'll be out of those comments are coming up shortly coast. Coach back spent a lot of time speaking with his team after this loss. I'm sure he was highly disturbed that their first half play. The cards were in a big struggle really bad skid at the end of the half and found themselves trailing by ten at halftime. Then slid further behind with that biggest deficit sixteen points with fourteen thirty seven to go cards did kick it into gear from there and made a gallant comeback. But the forcing the game into overtime. But the Panthers get the win tonight eighty nine to eighty six we'll be back in our final segment here. And we'll we'll get those comments from Christmas coming up with Bob. This is a little cardinals basketball from learfield. A commitment to excellence is synonymous with the plumbers pipe bidders. And HVAC tech said you a local five oh, two members have taken pride in their commercial and industrial work here for over a century. Brad to invest over one million dollars a year in the training of skilled workers that pride parallels in the community. Is you a local five oh two completed projects at the KFC 'em center and Papa John's cardinal stadium pride in their work pride in the community. And browse supporters of the Louisville cardinals. You a local five oh.

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