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Hope of everlasting life, which you have given us in our savior, Jesus Christ, amen. Well, I thought it was good for us to have two weeks to recover from my attempt at chapter 19. Some of you who were present in the evening know because I told you that in the afternoon I had a text from somebody in Wales and it just said thank you from an octogenarian because you remember it was the barzilla part. And I wrote him back and I said, oh, I appreciate your thanks because I really bit off more than I could chew. In fact, I gave the congregation as some kind of, they just, it was impossible for them. And I was hoping I think deep down inside that he would write back and say, oh no, no, it was okay. But he didn't. No. No, he didn't. He said, he said, parts of it were rather taxing. So it's good. It's good for us to be humbled. And so you should know that. But here we are. Some people have already reached the point. I know, because I'm hearing it, you're saying at least under your breath, when do we get to the part where it says, at the end of the verse, and the all lived happily ever after. When do we get to that bit? I mean, how many more deaths and murders do we have to have? Well, we're not going to get to that at the end of chapter 20 as you can see because there are two murders here and one of them is a beheading. So the return of David to Jerusalem, which we've been anticipating, his humiliation was such that he had fled all these things have happened in the interim period over a short period of time, absalom's rebellion has ended with his death. His folks are getting them back across the Jordan into Jerusalem, but it is not a return to tranquility. It is certainly not to prosperity..

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