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Nine ninety nine for mark in williamstown what's up mark no hanky why i just don't think he was great at tanking and he would really good job at tanking i just don't think he finish why well you why don't you he never had the chance to do it i don't i don't think he ever wanted to i don't know everybody's got their different ways or whatever but i just think he was just on on that trail that was just tank tank tank and i don't know i just don't think he i know he's i'm not gonna say genius but he's a really smart guy but i just don't i don't think he has the smarts to really put that last piece together or whatever you know a lot of people feel that way markup i we've never seen him have the chance to do it but that's why i'm curious about it and the other thing is you know he was in houston as their assistant gm before he came here they never tank their owner wouldn't let them do it so they were always kinda around five hundred until they pulled that james harden trade so he knows the other side of it it's not like he's only ever been around basketball tanking he's been around teams that wouldn't do that as well they'd come back though he's gotta be watched carefully because you don't want him to do something drastic that this team i think we got some pieces on his team that he you can't get rid of i don't know i think you know or spend simmons and joel embiid but i mean i just have to watch i don't know it's not an easy it's not an easy situation it's not going to be an easy decision for them whether they go with a young person has ever done it or a guy that's had a position like this before this is a big decision though they gotta get this one right i can't even imagine.

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