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Yeah i made the point my column last week that i totally understand why everybody is in love with say kwan barkley he seems to be seems to be you know as good a football player entering the nfl as adrian peterson was an how can you not wanna take somebody like that very high but with the fact that uh y you know probably three of the top ten running backs in the nfl right now you might say it's even better than that but but three of the top ten running backs in the nfl right now are a karim han alvin kamera uh and david johnson coming back from injury in arizona rebut is still very good their average draft position when they got picked in the draft is eighty and my question is about those who would say sake wanted the giants at too say kwan somewhere in the top five not that i don't think he's worthy of that but i just wonder with all over the good running backs and you mention you know geiss and jones and and and all these guys who were clearly going to be say second or third round picks i mean if your general manager mike mayock don't you say guys look the nfl draft boards have been littered with probowl running back after pro bowl running back getting taken on day to win even day three hear what my philosophy here it is if you believe a running back is worthy of a cop can take them and commit tool in their only been four of them in the last five years or debt elliott curly and mccaffrey and i would make the argument that all four of those schemes committed to those players committed a certain number touch his for game committed to their style of play in all four teams are better because of it so if you believe guys are cops in thick.

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